These Two PIA Pilot Sisters Who Recently Made History Are Also Allegedly Among Fake License Holders & Pakistanis Are Disappointed

By Noor | 29 Jun, 2020

Two PIA pilot sisters are also rumored to be fake license holders

So, a few years back, Maryam Masood and Erum Masood, the PIA pilots were in the news for making history. The girls were appreciated on national level for being able to simultaneously fly a Boeing 777 aircraft.


The PIA pilot sisters who’ve also allegedly been named in the fake license holders list, had only recently been lauded for their historic feat by everyone in the country

The pilot sisters are now back in the news but this time, for all the wrong reasons. Let us fill in you with the details of it.


Recently, it was revealed that approximately 40% of the pilots in Pakistan had fake licenses

PIA took serious action against all those pilots and their licenses were suspended. The details disclosed that there was a total of 862 pilots that served in 3 of the main airlines of the country and out of those, 262 pilots did not appear for the exams themselves. They had asked someone else to sit in the exam instead of themselves. The aviation minister also asserted that pilots in Pakistan have been appointed in accordance with the political preferences. He further added to his statement by saying that the selection criterion was devoid of merit.


The names of the PIA pilot sisters were allegedly found in the fake license holders list

After the report about fake licenses, all the three airlines that operate within Pakistan released a list of the names of the pilots who passed their exams via unfair means and shockingly, the list includes the name of both the sisters.


People stated that it’s shameful that both the PIA pilot sisters are involved in fake license scandal


They were disappointed to see this side of the ladies who were known for making history

They mentioned that they can not believe that the girls cheated their way through the exams.


Some people even alleged that because both the sisters have been found to cheat in the exams so this has hampered their credibility as capable pilots

They even stated that Maryam Masood was involved in the Gilgit crash landing too.


A few even said they had found one of the sisters asleep during a flight when she was the pilot

There’s no confirmation by the authorities that these names Maryam Masood and Erum Masood which are included in the list refer to the duo of the famous sisters. If true, then it’s definitely one of the most disappointing news as the girls who were perfect ideals for many have actually cheated their way to their dream job.

What are your thoughts about the issue? Let us know in the comments below.


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