Karachi's Agha’s Supermarket Caught Fire Today And People Are Extremely Heartbroken

By Noor | 28 Jun, 2020

Agha’s Supermarket in Clifton, Karachi caught fire today. According to sources, the incident took place early in the morning. The fire spread and engulfed the goods stored in the market.

Source: reviewit.com.pk

Reportedly, the source of the fire at the supermarket was a short circuit

Source: oyeyeah.com

Fortunately, no casualties have been reported. The fire brigade was able to control the blaze after two consecutive hours of the firefighting operation. Fire officials said, “Upon being informed of the fire, six fire engines reached the site and took part in the operation.”

Things are now under control but there has been a loss of commodities stored inside the market.

Source: samaa.tv

Several videos related to the fire incident have surfaced on the social media platforms

People were shocked and saddened by the tragic fire incident


People have been sharing images of the burnt store and have mentioned that this is the second time the store has caught fire

The images clearly show that the store was completely engulfed in the flames while the fire brigade kept trying to extinguish the fire.

They sent prayers to the owners and were thankful that no casualties were reported because of the incident

Fire incidents have become quite common these days but we need to be thankful that no-one got injured or hurt in the process and fortunately, no loss of life has been reported so far. We also need to appreciate the timely response by the fire brigade which efficiently were able to control the chaos created by fire.

Have you seen the images of the fire too? Let us know in the comments below.


Cover image via @akahmer/Twitter

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