Here Are All The Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Speaking Up In Support Of Uzma Khan

By Maryam Khalid | 28 May, 2020

You might have watched the viral video of Uzma Khan by now, in which she and her sister is seen pleading for “aik akhri chance”. While the video gave away the idea of Uzma being held accountable for having an affair with some Usman, the whole story turned out to be a major fiasco.


Actress Uzma Khan released an official statement after a viral video circulated on social media showing her pleading to someone who wasn’t clearly visible for “aik aakhri chance

She claimed that women who she said were daughters of real estate tycoon Malik Riaz stormed into her home. Uzma claimed that they attacked and harrassed Uzma and her sister with 12 gunmen. Uzma also said she’ll continue to fight for justice despite knowing that odds are probably not stacked in her favor.


After Uzma Khan’s statement went viral, a woman named Amna Usman, who said she was the one who barged into the place that Uzma claimed was her house, responded

She said she was the wife of the man, Usman, allegedly in a relationship with Uzma Khan and was the source of this conflict. She further claimed that Malik Riaz has nothing to do with this incident. Malik Riaz himself issued a statement denying that he was related to the man in question and said that his name was being maliciously involved for ulterior motives.

Amna also claimed that she did not barge into Uzma’s home but that the home was owned by her husband as his second home so she claimed that she had a right to do what she did.

The storming in and beating up of Uzma Khan, in the leaked video, has raised serious concerns over privacy in one own’s home and allegations of abuse of power. People are speaking up against the influence used by the wife to break into Uzma’s home with armed men, just to threaten and harass her.


Pakistani celebrities are also speaking up for their fellow actor and the ordeal she went through


Mehwish Hayat spoke about how a very basic human right was violated


Mahira Khan stood for accountability because a law was apparently broken


Actress and model Nausheen Shah also lent her voice in against physical violence 

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– #NausheenShah speaks out loud‼️”Respect of law comes before anything else and should be the same regardless of bank balance or who you know. It doesn’t matter what the reason was or wasn’t. There is reason there is a system in place to lodge your grievances. It’s not like they can’t afford lawyers. Class really isn’t something money can buy. Really hope we don’t see this sort of barbarism in the future and definitely hope we don’t see so many apologists. Let’s not turn our country into the Jerry Springer show. We are in the midst of the worst pandemic in centuries, we have just mourned through a tragic plane crash, let us concentrate on being positive and productive” Says Nausheen 🔝🙏🏻 // #isloo #islamabad #lahore #karachi #pakistan #uzmakhan @nausheenshah4

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Adnan Malik called out Usman who allegedly stepped out of his marriage and led to his wife storming in and beating up Uzma Khan


Armeena Rana Khan also voiced her concern over invasion of privacy of Uzma Khan


Hania Amir condemned the entire incident calling it a “show of power” in a very strong video message

She said that nobody would have dared to break in if Uzma had been related to someone powerful so the ball is in the court of the Government now.


Zhalay Sarhadi said that it was the married person’s responsibility to respect the sanctity of marriage


Sarwat Gilani condemned the inhumane act and supported her Jawaani Phir Nahi Ani co-actor Uzma Khan

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After seeing the videos of three women barging into Uzma’s house with 20 gunmen and did what they did is inhuman, this is a criminal act and is punishable by law. Why didn’t the wife and mother of the man involved make a video beating up their son and husband, throwing spirit on him and breaking and stealing his personal belongings. Just because a powerful family name is attached, no one is placing an FIR. Apparently the wife of the said man in the video is using the dirtiest language and is seen brutally beating Uzma and her sister. And later with a duppta on her head making a satisavitry video and diverging from the real subject. This is pathetic. Her behaviour in the video and her language show what a savage person she is and probably why HER HUSBAND doesn’t want to be with her. Whatever the matter is HE is the home wrecker. He was married, he was committed in a relationship then why only shame the girl? Why not keep their dirty laundry at home and not do these cheap things because what they seem like in the videos is their real self. Belonging to a wealthy family doesn’t give anyone the right to barge into anyone’s house and go savage on them. I don’t stand for infidelity but I stand for justice. @uzmakhanofficial we are here for you. You may be an orphan but you are as much a citizen of Pakistan as these cheap wealthy powerful people. May Allah protect us from such entitled people. #uzmakhan

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Yasir Hussain urged the law and Government to do the right thing

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Veteran actress Sakina Samo encouraged Uzma’s fight and sent prayers for her

Barging into someone’s home, threatening, and attacking her really raises questions about a plethora of human rights that the Constitution of Pakistan states it would protect for all citizens. Our country has had a long history of abuse of power by the rich and powerful. Whoever the culprit is, this case will prove to be yet another test case for our country to show if the law really is equal for all.


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