Bahria Town Just Issued A Statement Denying Any Link To The Recent Uzma Khan Controversy

By Sana Yasmeen | 1 Jun, 2020

Bahria Town issued a warning to folks linking them to the Uzma Khan controversy

Recently, A video of actress Uzma Khan and her sister went viral where they were allegedly being threatened by a woman for having an affair with her husband. The leaked video quickly went viral and thus took no time in spreading like wildfire.


Actress Uzma Khan recently got embroiled in a major controversy after a video of her leaked being threatened by someone who was later confirmed to be the wife of the person she was in a relationship with

While being accompanied by quite a number of guards a woman was showed not only thrashing Uzma but also damaging property in the video. In no time, the videos were circulating the internet and everybody was coming forward with their two cents. Following major discussion, Uzma Khan issued a statement on the matter.


After the video went viral, people were quick to make apparently false assumptions that Bahria Town owner Malik Riaz was connected to the Uzma Khan incident

People took to their social media platforms to express how being related to Malik Riaz did not give the women the authority to barge in somebody’s house and abuse them.

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Malik Riaz, the brains behind Bahria Town, denied having any relations or involvement with the incident but apparently that wasn’t enough to clarify to people

Malik Riaz took to his twitter to deny having any immediate family relations with Usman Malik and  associated the whole ordeal as a malicious propaganda.


The lady who threatened Uzma Khan in the leaked video also came forward with her own statement and also denied any connections between Usman and Malik Riaz

Amna Usman gave her perspective regarding why she took such a violent and threatening step towards Uzma Khan and also expressed that Usman, her husband, was not an immediate relative of Malik Riaz.


As mentioned earlier, a lot of people still carried on with the allegation

Via: Instagram
Via: Instagram


Owing to what one assumes must have been persistent allegations, Bahria Town has released a Cease and Desist Notice regarding the allegations of their connection with the Uzma Khan incident

The notice addresses “social media influencers, bloggers and V-loggers[sic]” to ‘cease and desist’ from what they’re calling “slandering and misleading” allegations directed towards Bahria Town’s connection to the ongoing controversy or legal action would be taken against them.


While Uzma Khan continues to issue her statements and continues to maintain that she has been wronged, it is only time will tell what course the law takes.

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