Pakistanis Are Demanding To “Ban Nida Yasir” After She Invited The Parents Of Marwah

By Astarte | 17 Sep, 2020

People demand a ban on Nida Yasir for cashing in on someone’s personal tragedy

Pakistani morning show hosts are notorious for being controversy chasers and shit stirrers. Propped atop this list is Nida Yasir who is arguably the queen of daytime television in Pakistan. She also happens to be the center of quite a few controversies around her show, and even her personal life.


In one of her shows last week Nida Yasir invited the parents of Marwah, the five year old girl from Karachi who was found after being brutalized

She had invited the bereaved parents, asking them to share gory details of the last days of their daughter. The episode was as uncomfortable as it may appear just reading these few sentences.


Naturally, people called out Nida Yasir for taking advantage of someone’s grief for eyeballs on her show


People are now calling for a ban on Nida Yasir for using the tragedy of one family as some sort of “entertainment” for her show


Many people in Pakistan are so offended that the demands to ban Nida Yasir are the top trend on Pakistani social media as of the time of publishing this post

Via: Twitter


Several people are demanding that PEMRA should stir into action, for once, over the right kind of shows that need banning

They’re of the view that PEMRA should exercise its power over such shows that are obviously not contributing anything to a positive discourse, instead of putting arbitrary bans on fiction shows that some random senior official may have found personally offensive to their own moral compass.


Others are pointing out that more than Nida herself it is the channel’s fault for allowing such content on their airwaves


Alongside these demands to ban Nida Yasir, people are taking this opportunity to drag all morning show hosts

People have called out morning show hosts, past and present, for contributing to the degradation of the quality of entertainment on Pakistani TV channels by providing cheap thrills to their audience.


If you’re still interested in watching the complete episode in question, you can check it out here

The fact that morning shows in Pakistan have become stereotyped for being either avenues for wedding recreation or grief porn is a testament to how little effort these really important shows are putting into providing quality entertainment to the people. Mind you, this doesn’t mean doing a boring 90’s style PTV morning show that labels itself “educational”, either. There are several ways of providing quality entertainment that don’t cash in on someone’s personal tragedy.


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