Nida Yasir Showing Off Her Branded Possessions To Her Audience Has Angered Pakistanis

By UA | 6 Jul, 2019

Nida Yasir showed off her branded possessions to her morning show audience and people are pissed.

Nida Yasir, most popular for her career as a morning show host, has been in the entertainment business for a really long while now. As the host of ‘Good Morning Pakistan’, she has quite a reputation for connecting with her audience and being relatable when it comes to family matters, by being open about them. For this very reason, what she did recently on one of the episodes has upset a lot of people, but has also left a lot of us unsurprised due to the unfortunate ‘show-off/haul’ trend that is now becoming common.


The clip opens with Nida telling her audience that she was on vacation and asking them what they’d like to see first of her trip- her pictures or her shopping.

She then decides that she’ll show the audience her shopping first, and heads on to a table in the back, informing the people about how she was met by sales on said vacation and bought an insane amount of bags that she’ll show them.

Source: ARY Digital / YouTube


Nida Yasir then started showing off her branded clothes, holding up what looks like a shirt and saying that she got it on sale from a high-end brand.

Showing everyone her clothing from brands that are quite well known for being expensive, she expresses her attraction to the sleeves of some and the sequins of others.

Source: ARY Digital / YouTube


She also holds up a fluffy white poncho, stating that she liked it because she could wear it both abroad as well as in Pakistan, and laughs about how her sister called her a murghi when she wore it to her place.

She expresses how it looks really ‘smart’ when worn on top of jeans and how much she loves the poncho.

Source: ARY Digital / YouTube

Nida Yasir then shows some branded shoes to her audience also

She then goes on to show her audience her shoes, expressing that she wasn’t a fan of European shoes. She states that the reason behind her dislike is the Europeans’ ‘motay motay paaon’ and ‘dhabbar dhabbar designs’.

Given the reason above, she shows everyone just a single pair, naming yet another high-end brand, stating that she bought the sandals as per her khala’s recommendation and that they were really comfortable. She also shows the audience some sneakers, saying that she bought them so that she could exercise. Stating that her children bought similar pairs, she talks about how she found other shoes on sale at the outlet mall too and that she was so excited to buy them that she could smell them for far away. Moreover, she mentions that the shoes were bigger than her son’s shoe size, but she bought them for him anyway.

Source: ARY Digital / YouTube

The audience then breaks into applause – and I think it’s crucial to note that these people, most of whom appear to be women, belong to what comprises the majority of Pakistan in terms of socioeconomic background – and that it’s unlikely that they can afford any of the items Nida is displaying to them.

Source: ARY Digital / YouTube


After showing off a few of her coats and jackets, says that she waited till the end of her trip to shop, and took a two-hour train to the outlet mall to buy these things. She also shows the audience…well, detergent.

Nida talks about how she will wear these jackets to ‘premieres’, knowing well that most of her audience is unlikely to ever attend one. She also talks about how her new detergent works in magical ways, because it erases stains off of everything. She complains about how her makeup stains her designer clothes and how the detergent aids in cleaning them. And in response, the audience claps again.

Source: ARY Digital / YouTube


That wasn’t the end of Nida Yasir and her branded shopping, she even shows the crowd her sunglasses, asking them if they think they suit her. She names high-end brands for these too.

Source: ARY Digital / YouTube


Of course Nida Yasir then points out she bought a lot of branded bags and that she did not understand what drove her decision to do that, saying ‘jaisey patta nahi kya hougaya hay mujhey’.

She also appears to be boasting about how many clothes she owns, saying ‘mere paas ITNAY kapray hain!!’, when talking about how she bought a bag of a certain color just now even though she has clothes of that color in her wardrobe. She shows the audience multiple bags from luxury brands, telling them how she loves to buy smaller bags now.

Source: ARY Digital / YouTube


It is here that her guest Nadia Hussain points out that small bags can only be used occasionally and for short events, because they don’t fit anything – sometimes not even their large smartphones.

The video concludes with Nida continuing to show the audience her bags, and at this point, almost anyone that’s watching would be a bit tired of what she was doing for the last seven minutes.

Source: ARY Digital / YouTube

People had quite a bit to say about Nida’s display of possessions, and a lot of them didn’t seem to happy about it.

This viewer expressed her disappointment in how Nida seems to have run out of content, and could be better off asking her audience how they run their day to day expenses than making them feel bad about things they cannot afford. She acknowledges Nida’s right to privacy, but disagrees with how she brought her possessions on to a morning show, which is viewed primarily by the middle-class.

Via Facebook/ Fun Fashion


Many viewers expressed their discomfort with the content, pointing out that it was quite obvious that this type of conduct isn’t the most pleasant for a morning show host.

Via Facebook/Fun Fashion
Via Facebook/Fun Fashion
Via Facebook/Fun Fashion

And I think we can all agree with what this viewer had to say.

Via Facebook/ Fun Fashion

Considering that the primary audience for shows like Nida’s belongs to backgrounds that struggle to manage their day to day finances, the writing teams for such programs should be very very mindful of what they’re showing their audience.

There are enough daily stressors as is, and people typically turn to their televisions to feel good and entertain themselves. Being reminded of things that they don’t have isn’t quite the purpose of them watching television, and programs that reinforce such feelings of negativity don’t aid in helping viewers catch a break from their noisy lives.

Don’t you guys agree? Let us know in the comments!



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