Saboor Aly Just Revealed The Story Of Ahad Taking The Rishta To Sajal's House And OMG

By Iman Zia | 5 Jul, 2019

Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir’s engagement has been on the tips of all our wagging tongues ever since they announced the incredibly overdue update on Eid. We’re all guilty of trying to dish out when the wedding will be, where it’ll be and WHAT THE LOVEBIRDS WILL WEAR, so naturally, any information about #Sahad will grab our attention!


Saboor Aly appeared on Nida Yasir’s morning show with fellow co-stars from her new drama ‘Gol-o-Gulzar’ and was immediately asked about Sajal and Ahad.

Saboor revealed that Ahad “bhai” called her father to meet him in Lahore to allow him Sajal’s hand in marriage (internally fan-girl screaming as I type this). Saboor admitted that it happened very quickly as soon as both Sajal and Ahad realized they’re in love.

Nida then asked Saboor just how involved she was as a sister in helping Sajal make a decision. Sajal was very confused and afraid, said Saboor. She said she had tried to make Sajal understand and dampen her anxiety; “bohot ache hain Ahad bhai, aunty bohot achi hain.”

Source: ARY Digital


The actress said that the presence of Ahad’s mother has filled the void both sisters felt after the loss of their own mother.

Saboor was happy that Sajal had found a good home to marry into before Nida began teasing her about her “number” being next. Saboor chuckled and said “humme bhi sharam aa rahi hai.” Nida asked whether or not Saboor was single, and she cleared the air confessing that there’s nothing going on right now.



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