Sheheryar Munawar And Maya Ali's New “Parey Hut Love” Song Just Gave Us This Summer's New Shaadi Anthem

By Arslan Athar | 6 Jul, 2019

Summer shaadi season is upon us and with it comes the need to have a new shaadi anthem. Whether it comes from across the border, or from our own industry, every mehndi will be playing it and we’ll all be swaying to the beat. It seems like this year’s anthem might have just come from upcoming film, ‘Parey Hut Love’. Their shaadi song, ‘Ik Pal’ released today, and let me tell you, WE’RE OBSESSED.

The song begins with an adorable interaction between Maya Ali and Sheheryar.

Source: Salman Iqbal Films

Might we add, Maya looks STUNNING. 

Source: Salman Iqbal Films

And then we’re greeted by this absolute jaw-dropping visual of the Noor Mahal in Bahawalpur.

Source: Salman Iqbal Films

Meera Jee, herself, makes a cameo in this song, and truly adds her own flair to the mix.

Source: Salman Iqbal FIlms

Her on-screen persona is quickly met with Zara Noor Abbas and Rachel Viccaji.

Source: Salman Iqbal Films

There’s also a cute dance trio with Sheheryar Munawar, Ahmed Ali Butt and Meera.

Source: Salman Iqbal Films

There’s so much color and vibrancy in the video.

You really cannot take your eyes off the screen.

Source: Salman Iqbal Films


Also, Sheheryar’s look matched his look from ‘Shakar Wandaan Re’, with the embroidered kurta and mooch. 

Source: Salman Iqbal Films


All the men in the video are also wearing gajras too, only adding to the festive feel of the film. 

Source: Salman Iqbal Films


And what would any desi shaadi song be without a twirling sequence at the end.

Source: Salman Iqbal Films


Parey Hut Love’ is definitely going to create a lot of buzz with this song. We all don’t like to admit it at times, but we all live for a good shaadi song and it seems like one has just dropped.

Watch the entire song here:


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Cover Photo Courtesy: Salman Iqbal Films

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