Nida Yasir Opens Up For The First Time About Her Mother In Law's Passing Away

By Arslan Athar | 26 Jun, 2019

Yasir Nawaz recently lost his mother while he and his family were away on vacation. Nida Yasir opened up about this massive loss on her morning show this morning and was very emotional about it.

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On today’s recording of her show, Nida opened up about her mother in law’s death and how she and her family reacted when it happened. 

She first talks about how they received the news while they were abroad for vacation. They found out in the early morning. Nida also talks about how her husband broke down and was inconsolable. She had to step up and handle her husband and kids. This meant she had to arrange their flights and also make sure everything was running smoothly in terms of her saas’s funeral.

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Nida Yasir also talked about how her saas wanted to have a large funeral. 

Nida said that she always talked about how no one would come to her funeral to pray for her, so she wanted to make sure she had a large funeral. The only way the family thought they could honor this wish was to have her funeral prayers with Jumma namaz. Yasir and his family could only find a flight out on Saturday so asked the family to go through the janaza without them.

Nida said that she never thought she would come back from a vacation, and then go straight to the qabaristan. 

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Nida goes on to talk about how she had an amazing relationship with her mother in law. 

She talks about how in our society we expect a saas and bahu cannot be friends however Nida said that once she started living with her, they built a good relationship and that her saas treated her like her own daughter.

Source: ARY Digital / Youtube


Towards the end of the segment, she tells her audience to really treasure the elders in their house. 

Nida said that she never thought that she would be bidding her saas goodbye when they left for their vacation, but that life is unpredictable.

This segment by Nida was very heartfelt and emotional. It definitely struck a chord with her audience, some of who were also crying with Nida.

Watch the entire segment here:

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 Cover Photo Courtesy: ARY Digital / YouTube

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