I Didn't Think Minal Khan's Drama ‘Hasad' Could Get Any Worse But This Episode Proved Me Wrong

By Arslan Athar | 25 Jun, 2019

Minal Khan’s new drama has now been running for 3 weeks. ‘Hasad’ follows the life of Naintara (Minal), who loses her husband to a shooting in their home. Above dealing with the grief of losing her life partner, Naintara has to deal with an exceedingly jealous sister in law, Zareen, who’s married to Armaan’s brother, Farhan.

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Last week’s episode established Armaan’s death and the immediate aftermath. 

Naintara doesn’t know how to deal with her grief. She is constantly reminded of her husband and their happy times, however, she is also constantly reminded of her status as a bewa. 

Despite her massive loss, Zareen still sees Naintara as a threat in her household and is hellbent on poisoning her saas against her. Even after demeaning her, Zareen also attempts to place herself in a higher position. As we established in our first review for ‘Hasad’, this drama relies heavily on stereotypes; the suspicious saas, the conniving bahu, and mom, and the bhola husband.

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Naintara is the perfect example of a seedhi saadi larki trapped in a bad situation. 

She falls way too easily for Zareen and her traps and is constantly being outdone by her- Naintara never learns and it is the most frustrating thing about her, pair that with the fact that Zareen always gets away with her plans.

Zareen can be described as stereotypical, but so much so that it is ANNOYING. 

She is threatened by Naintara, not only with regards to her saas, but also in terms of her husband. She’s convinced herself that Naintara has her eyes on Farhan and will find any excuse to have time for him, especially given his soft corner for her. Zareen’s manic attitude with Naintara and Farhan frightens Naintara to the point where she screams at Farhan for coming near her.

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This week, she uses her brother to make it seem like Naintara is having an affair while she’s still in her iddat. Even though her husband, Farhan, is on to her, Zareen is able to use her emotions in her favor and gets her saas and mother on her side.

Zareen’s brother claims that Naintara called him over to the house when she was home alone, however, Naintara vehemently denies this. No one believes her, and as a viewer what really frustrated me was how no one was thinking through this situation logically. Some of the stress could have been reduced if they just checked her phone, but no one did. Instead, her saas (who, by the way, almost had a heart attack upon finding out about all this) makes her swear on the Quran. MATLAB, KUCH BHI?

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We’ve seen this trope before, and let me tell you, no one will believe Naintara.

Naintara is too innocent and this is what is making her character falter as the show progresses and this is also what is holding the show back. 

The character has been poorly written. She’s too much of a bechari, and Zareen is too much of a bitch, and as life would have it, the stronger one wins. The one thing that does save the show (that too, only by a little) is the fact that Minal and Areej play their characters very well and very convincingly. You feel for Naintara but you’re also very angry at her for not trying harder to fight for her right.

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The base of the show seems to be built on stereotypes, that too of the excessive kind. The story and the development of the characters don’t seem like anything new, nor does it show the potential to change drastically either.

Have you seen ‘Hasad’? If so, what do you think?

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