Someone Spotted A ‘Nanga' Motorcycle Rider In Lahore & Everyone’s Shocked Out Of Their Minds

By Aam Nawab | 25 Jun, 2019

A nanga motorcycle rider in Lahore is shocking everyone

There’s not much that can shock us as a country but sometimes even Pakistanis can be shocked by things that actually happen in real life. Something similar just happened allegedly in Lahore recently and it’s going viral on social media.


So, someone spotted a nanga motorcycle rider in Lahore and decided to film him


There are things that are crazy but then there are things like this motorcycle rider and people on social media have been absolutely losing it ever since


Some people are also in denial that this was even in Pakistan

Honestly, based off of the Urdu language sign boards and people wearing shalwar kameez in the background one can safely assume it is somewhere in Pakistan, even if not Lahore. However, the snapchat filter is geotagged to Lahore which just further confirms that it is actually Lahore.


Others have started cursing Lahoris for what they’re thinking is a new trend in the city


Some people also shared possible explanations for why this might have happened

Honestly, it’s just a shock to one’s system because morality may or may not be a concern for you because that’s personal but just the assault on one’s eyes to see aย nanga banda out on the streets just casually riding their bike is too much to bear.


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cover image via: @Faixaltariq / Twitter

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