I Watched The First Episode Of Minal Khan's New Drama, ‘Hasad’ And I Lost A Few Brain Cells

By Arslan Athar | 12 Jun, 2019

Minal Khan and Shehroz Subzwari’s new drama ‘Hasad’ aired on the 10th and since then has resided on the YouTube trending page. The drama has aired to a large audience and it seems to have captivated people. Based on this, I decided to watch the first episode.

Minal plays Naintara, who’s married to Armaan (Shehroz Subzwari). 

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Armaan and his older brother, Farhan (Noor Hassan) got married on the same day. Farhan’s wife, Zareen (Arij Fatima), is also his first cousin. The drama opens on the first wedding anniversary of both couples. Right from the first scene, the drama sets its tone- a tone we all know very well!

The main tension of the first episode was the very typical bahu drama. Zareen is jealous of Naintara and her relationship (and affection) with Armaan. In fact, her jealousy is amplified in the drama to a rather unbelievable height. She’s constantly talking poorly about the couple and is quite literally upset at every breath Naintara takes.

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Armaan is madly in love with Naintara and misses no opportunity to express this love. 

Please, believe me when I say this, my statement above is no exaggeration. It’s cute in the beginning but as the episode progresses, you want to shut him up. That being said, Armaan is the only person in the household willing and brave enough to call out Zareen on her behavior with him and Naintara. He openly tells his wife to not give Zareen a chance of harming their happiness.

Zareen’s husband, Farhan, is the total opposite of Armaan. 

He’s career focused and someone who wants to make the best life possible for his wife and him. This means that he doesn’t call when he’s at work, unlike Armaan. Farhan also forgets their anniversary, unlike Armaan, who has an entire date night set up. Zareen sees this and cannot stand it. For her, she has to one-up Naintara and she makes this mission in life.

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To top things off, Naintara finds out she’s pregnant and this excites the entire family, minus Zareen. This upsets Zareen so much that she makes a plan to make Naintara late for a dinner with her husband on purpose. She does this knowing how angry Armaan gets; but, of course, this is what she wants- a phadda between the two.

Constantly, while watching ‘Hasad’, I was hoping for some progression or just a glimmer of something that wasn’t so stereotypical.

Hasad’ ticked all the stereotype boxes. One Bahu hates the other, the one who can’t understand what’s going on and who’s super bhola. The spiteful Bahu only wishes for the worst for the other and uses her saas to fulfill her mission.

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This is 2019! How are such basic and repetitive dramas scripts still being written? I am at a loss! There was NOTHING new about this drama, or at least the first episode. For those who are using that as ‘Hasad’s defense, I would like to say this; the first episode is the first impression and the first chance you have to hook audiences till the end. On this test, I would have to say that ‘Hasad’ fell short.

The next episode promo shows a burglary happening at the house, with Armaan being shot. You can hear Naintara’s voiceover talking about how we can lose our happiness in a moment. Given the start of this show, I feel like the rest of ‘Hasad’ will be fairly stereotypical and won’t exhibit anything new or exciting.

Have you seen ‘Hasad’? If so, what are your thoughts on the show?

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