Viewers Of This Morning Show Think Yoga Is Beghairti And They're Seriously Offended

By Sajeer Shaikh | 31 Jan, 2018

So, we’ve all heard of yoga, right?


We associate words and phrases like “stretching,” “bending,” “major flexibility” and “never gonna happen” with the same. However, Pakistanis are now associating “beghairti” with yoga too. Why? Well…


A morning show decided to air two people showing off their yoga moves. That didn’t sit well with some people. They took to a Facebook group to talk about how “haw haye” the matter was. 

Via Facebook

To make it easier, let me translate. This individual is of the belief that apparently, airing such “beghairti” shows how we, as a nation, have learnt nothing from Zainab’s death. He also believes such morning shows should be banned.


Here are the pictures shared by an offended viewer in their Facebook post:

Via Facebook


Via Facebook

Now, the connection between two people doing yoga and Zainab’s case seems rather weak. However, most people agreed with the post.


The intial reaction was “WTF”

Via Facebook

Some people considered it vulgar. Others let their minds wander.

Via Facebook

Fathers weighed in on the matter.

Via Facebook

Others…well…they had some very interesting things to say. 

Via Facebook

Some people found a way to blame “khooni liberals” yet again.

Via Facebook

While others weren’t happy that their mornings were being destroyed.

However, one person held a different opinion. One that actually made sense, tbh. 

Via Facebook

Guys, I mean, if we’re gonna hate on stuff aimlessly and play the blame game, it’s not really going to get us anywhere, ya know? Khair, let us know which side of the debate you’re on.

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