I Watched The First Episode Of TikTok Stars Romaisa Khan & Zulqarnain Sikandar's New Drama So You Don't Ever Have To Do It

By Anoosha Rehan | 20 Oct, 2020

TikTok stars Romaisa Khan and Zulqarnain Sikandar are debuting together

It is no news that TikTok has taken the internet by storm. What just appeared to be a social platform, has now actually stepped into television and media industry. For quite a while now, TikTok has shown us some incredible talent, some questionable stunts, some controversies, and a lot of drama. However, some TikTok stars also enjoyed the opportunity to work in music videos and spread awareness in the nation about coronavirus.

While the TikTok banning and unbanning continues, a television drama with some TikTok celebrities, has recently started to air. The drama is called “Masters” and is said to air daily at 9.30 pm.


The drama serial, Masters, starring Romaisa Khan & Zulqarnain Sikandar, revolves around a group of five college friends.

The first episode is basically a scene setting exercise where it adds no value to the story and, honestly, could’ve been much better edited had it been crisp and fast paced. The opening scene is of the first character Aryan, Masters ka sab say ameer larka, played by Mojiz Hasan. Aryan is shown a stereotypical fat boy and because he is fat he has to be obsessed with food because of course, fat people’s lives are only ever about food, right?

Source: Express TV / YouTube

Anyway, like a stereotype, Aryan is supposed to be needing to reduce his weight but can’t control his impulses around food.


Romasia Khan is playing Hoorain, a nerd, jin kee science bohat kuch kehti hai

Hoorain considers herself not only the brightest students of Masters; but, also a scientist who knows everything about science. Needless to say, her every sentence begins with, “meri science ye kehti hai..”

Are you cringing yet? You’re in for a ride, buckle up!

Source: Express TV / YouTube

She is always consumed by trying out new scientific experiments, which always aren’t a hit. Hoorain, played by Romaisa Khan, has answers to everything and doesn’t hesitate in sharing them with everyone. According to her, anyone who considers science “illogical,” is a jahanumi. So please folks, watch out.


Rohan, played by Hamza Tariq, is the stud of the college who literally has the potential to take girls’ breaths away

Now if I wasn’t gagging at the cheesiness of that premise already, they made matters worse by making two girls who like they’re dressed up for a 1970’s themed party, go gaga over him.

As the hero of the college, sab kay dilon kee shan, Rohan, enters the college in slow motion… of course 🙄 . Then, in his  90’s Bollywood inspired entry, Rohan takes good five minutes to take off his helmet and gloves.

Source: Express TV / YouTube

Meanwhile, it gets too NSFW for Aleena and she tells her friend as she falls into her arms, “Meena, sambhalo mujhay. Mein kahin behosh hee na houjaun.”

Please ab koi mujhay sambhal le!

Anyway, Rohan is shown to be a comfortably living young man whose father has passed and Nusrat Jahan, Rohan’s mother, has taken care of him, the business and the house alone ever since her husband passed away. She is always under the assumption that Rohan has a girlfriend. In this brief inquiry about Rohan’s whereabouts, he resonates with Cinderella and how he has to be back before 12. Not very applaudable humor but okay.

Source: Express TV / YouTube

Rohan goes out at night secretly to help poor people and finds pleasure in doing so because, and I quote his character, he “wants to be like Edhi sahab“. I mean sure that’s a very positive message but if you’re looking to make a show for young people to be entertained by it needs to be a liiiiitle bit realistic, no?


Next up is university ka sab say shararti larka, Sarim, played by TikTok star Zulqarnain Sikandar

The prank master, Sarim, is either always in trouble or is always on the attempt to put others in trouble. Even though he doesn;t have the best life at home, Sarim is supposed to do an excellent job of keeping his life private in college where everyone thinks he leads a peaceful life.

Source: Express TV / YouTube

A cringe-worthy scene appears at this moment when Aryan mentions that his house help uses his underwear while making roti. To this, the friends remember that only yesterday they had eaten food from his house. This thought makes them barf  (viewers share the same sentiments), and they disperse while looking for a place to vomit.

Source: Express TV / YouTube


Khair moving on, we are introduced to supporting characters like Anees bhai, the canteen operator of the college where Romaisa Khan, Zulqarnain Sikandar and their friends go and he knows everything about everyone

With the catchphrase “Oh my god,” Anees bhai goes around to share the juiciest gossips and rumors from one student to another.

Source: Express TV / YouTube

Next up is Sharfu who is the college’s peon and khabri who has an occasional habit of stealing. He offers the service of delivering fresh news in lieu of some money. In the latest update, Sharfu has introduced the students to “Muqabla-e-Husan” and strongly believes no one in the college has a presentable face. He has also announced that the winner will receive a returning ticket of Dubai and a BMW for the runner-up.

Source: Express TV / YouTube


A glimpse of another leading character, alongside Romaisa Khan and Zulqarnain Sikandar is shown in the ending scene but if you still have any strength left you’ll need to tune in for the second episode 😥

As Alizay playing Hina Ashfaq makes an entry, Rohan at the background feels the sentiments similar to those of Meena and Aleena, and freezes in the moment. Upcoming episodes will reveal the role of this new face, I guess.

Source: Express TV / YouTube

The idea behind the show to keep it light and humorous, is great. Amidst all the intense and serious soaps, it doesn’t hurt to watch a drama that is easy on the nerves. However, this drama seems a little unrealistic and exaggerated. Humor and sarcasm are intended to be a part of the show I assume, however, they aren’t up to the mark. The editing is slow and the first episode really didn’t leave much to be desired, to be honest, but we shall see, maybe the story picks up in the next few episodes.

The acting wasn’t much to write home about but among the cast Romaisa has shone bright even with the very limited work that was expected in the opening scenes. Others appear to be adjusting to their characters and don’t really feel like naturals just yet but we shall see if subsequent episodes improve their comfort level with their characters.

It appears as the drama was rushed and wasn’t properly planned before the execution.  In general, it is fun to watch a show revolving around college life but improvements can make this show worth watching rather than cringe-worthy.

If you really, really are still interested you can watch the first episode here:


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Cover image via: Express TV via YouTube

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