The Punjab Governor Just Asked Top Pakistani TikTok Stars To Help Spread Coronavirus Awareness

By Noor | 3 Jun, 2020

Top Pakistani TikTok stars will help Punjab Governor tackle coronavirus

The total number of confirmed coronavirus patients is exponentially increasing and every day the country witnesses its new largest daily rise figure. Amid the rising number of coronavirus cases, the Government and other relevant authorities are now trying to come up with projects and ideas to ensure that the people start taking the virus seriously. Recently, the Government of Punjab has taken a similar initiative to generate awareness among the masses.


Famous Pakistani TikTok Stars were invited to Governor House in Punjab to tackle coronavirus misinformation

The meetup was organized to guide the social media influencers about their role during the on-going pandemic. The Governor of Punjab and his wife met famous TikTokers and instructed them to create awareness about the virus and its leading problems among the general public.

Source: @GovernorHousePunjabLhr/Facebook


Source: @GovernorHousePunjabLhr/Facebook


These Pakistani TikTok stars shared their input regarding coronavirus spread in the province

A lot of them talked to the Governor and shared their concerns related to coronavirus.

Source: @GovernorHousePunjabLhr/Facebook


Among the attendees, Kanwal Aftab, Haris Ali, Zulqarnain Sikandar, Sehar Hayyat and other top TikTokers were part of this coronavirus fighting initiative

They were seen discussing the deadly affects of the ongoing pandemic and the reasons why appropriate measures are necessary.

Source: @GovernorHousePunjabLhr/Facebook



Source: @GovernorHousePunjabLhr/Facebook

Sehar Hayat, Warda Javaid, Daniyal Sohail and many other from TikTok community were also a part of the event held in the Governor House.

We cannot fight the virus without creating enough awareness among the general public and implementing proper measures as shared by WHO ourselves, too. It should be appreciated that the Government realized the importance of this step and urged the young Pakistani stars with influence to promote SOPs so that everyone can start following them properly.


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Cover image via: @GovernorHousePunjabLhr/Facebook

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