Music Icon Cher Just Said She's A Fan Of Imran Khan But Pakistanis Are Telling Her To Beware

By Maryam Khalid | 2 Jun, 2020

Cher thanked Imran Khan but Pakistanis are trying to warn her

You might remember Cher from her ecstatic tweets for Pakistan a while ago. Cher is an international music sensation and nowadays she stands for social causes so of course she’s been talking about the poor elephant in Islamabad zoo.


It all started when Cher was trying to free Kaavan from Islamabad Zoo

Kaavan was lonely in Islamabad Zoo since 2012 when his partner died. Cher urged that the animal should be sent back to Sri Lanka.


And when Pakistani Government finally freed Kaavan, Cher was beyond excited


But if you think that the gratitude ends here, then that’s not the case. Cher mentioned Imran Khan thanking him again on his kindness.

Cher said she has been a huge Imran Khan fan since his cricketing days. Welcome to the club, Cher!


But Pakistanis did not share the same sentiment with Cher as they’re pretty much pissed at Imran Khan these days

Yesterday, in a public address Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that lockdown is not a solution for the virus so the lockdown has effectively been ended. He pretty much said that the public is on their own to prevent the spread of disease and the government cannot do anything. This statement has come in as the virus is on a sharp upward trajectory in the country. So naturally, people are not happy with their Prime Minister.


Pakistanis are trying to warn Cher to not fall for Prime Minister Khan as he’ll disappoint her


They had serious requests for Cher to be wary of Imran Khan


They’re joking how because of the current situation Cher might be the only person praising him right now


People are also telling Cher that it wasn’t Imran Khan who made the decision to free Kaavan

Get your facts straight, sis!


But this guy got a point

So Cher is pouring love for Prime Minister Khan in a time when people are disappointed with the government’s strategies to tackle the global pandemic and it definitely makes for funny reactions when people tried to warn her against sharing her love for him.

So what do you think of this entire situation? Let us know in the comments.



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