I Just Found Out How Much These Top Pakistani TikTok Stars Earn In A Month & I'm Shook 😱😱😱

By Noor | 24 Apr, 2020

Areeka Haq and other Pakistani TikTok stars recently revealed their earnings

It’s safe to say that TikTok is possibly the most exciting social media platform right now. Now, it seems that the never-ending TikTok fever will soon attract more users as a piece of extremely interesting news has been shared by a few TikTokers in an interview.


Areeka Haq and some other Pakistani TikTok stars recently shared how much money one person can possibly make through TikTok

Bol nights a TV show hosted by Ahsan Khan invited a few TikTok stars to his show. The list of guests included Areeka Haq, Mujtaba Lakhani, Aiman Zaman, Sherry Butt and Mishal Butt. The show was a combination of entertaining games played by the TikTokers and some interesting questions being answered by the TikTok stars.

Source: Bol Network/YouTube

They mentioned that the amount earned by the platform is not fixed and is heavily dependent upon the campaign, company and the number of videos. They unveiled the fact that a short video clip of approximately 0.08 seconds has the potential to produce an income in lakhs.


Areeka Haq, one of the biggest TikTok stars in Pakistan, mentioned how several projects can help someone of her caliber earn more than 2 lakh a month

Arguably the TikTok queen of Pakistan, Areeka has among the highest followers on TikTok and she’s also got the highest followers on Instagram among all TikTok stars. It makes sense for someone of her influence to be able to command the kind of money she says she does.


Mujtaba Lakhani and Aiman Zaman stated that a recent campaign they did with a mobile company earned them 1 lakh 60 thousand

The cute Karachi based couple is famous for their hilarious videos, alongside being couple goals.


Sibling duo Sherry and Mishal also shared that they earn a total of 4 lakhs through TikTok


You can watch Areeka Haq and all these other TikTok stars all revealing their income in this conversation with Ahsan Khan, below:

ٹک ٹاک اسٹار مہینے میں کتنا کما لیتے ہیں؟

ٹک ٹاک اسٹار مہینے میں کتنا کما لیتے ہیں؟ دیکھیئے بول نائٹس ود احسن خان کی مکمل قسط: https://www.bolentertainment.com/episodes/tik-tok-stars-palwasha-bashir-in-bol-nights/#BOLEntertainment #BOLNights #AreekaHaq #SherryButt #MishalButt #MujtabaLakhani #AimanZaman #PalwashaBashir

Gepostet von BOL Entertainment am Montag, 20. April 2020

It makes sense for these young people to have charted new territories for themselves. While so many people love to ridicule TikTok users for being mindless or silly, these people just proved that one can not only have fun but make decent income from TikTok.

Did this information about your favorite TikTokers change your perception about the app? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via: @areeka__haq via Instagram / @mujtabalakhani via Instagram

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