This Girl Danced In Front Of Jinnah's Mausoleum On TikTok & Pakistanis Are Seriously Triggered

By Noor | 25 Feb, 2020

A TikTok in front of Jinnah’s mausoleum has pissed off many people

TikTok videos often end up giving overnight fame to otherwise ordinary individuals. While the community on the recently viral app is very positive, people not on the app are major skeptics of it because of the perception that those who make TikTok videos are engaging in questionable behavior. A similar discussion has erupted after a girl in this TikTok video is getting famous for all the ‘wrong’ reasons.


So, a TikTok video made in front of Jinnah’s mausoleum has gone viral

The video basically shows a girl who’s performing a few dance steps on one of the most famous songs on TikTok these days. The girl is wearing a white dress and her face is covered. However, that hasn’t stopped people from getting seriously triggered over her video.


A lot of people on social media have called out the TikTok video in front of Jinnah’s mausoleum for what they’ve perceived as disrespectful

The video has stirred an online controversy whereby people think that the sanctity of the mazaar has been violated by a ‘dance performance’ by the TikToker.


Some people have even gone so far as to ask authorities to get involved

Maybe that’s a little too extreme. But there are always ways to tackle this, like in India there are boards that specifically prohibit making of TikTok videos inside the Jamia Masjid in Delhi, for example.


Of course, some people took this opportunity to also call into question the woman’s clothing

As if the biggest threat to our society is always what women are wearing, people couldn’t help but bring that into their discussion as well.


Others were just too shocked at the Quaid ka mazaar being featured in a TikTok video


On the contrary, there are others who are bringing up other problems that may actually be equally, if not more, disrespectful to Jinnah’s mausoleum

The administration of Mazaar -e- Quaid has reportedly approached the Federal Investigation Agency for further investigation and the removal of the video. According to the sources, “The matter is being investigated. The mausoleum’s management has decided to request the FIA to remove the content on social media and investigate the matter as well. ”

Well, maybe going to the extent of involving FIA over such a thing that happens all over the world may be a little too extreme of a measure by the authorities, it’s important to realize that banning things because you don’t understand them is not the solution to a progressive society. The beauty of social media is that while there are people like this who disrespect such respected places, there are many others who correct them. That’s what a democratic platform should be like.

Here’s hoping we can all learn something from this incident.


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Cover image via: @sumanhassan4 / TikTok

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