TikTok Star Jannat Mirza Called Waqar Zaka “Uncle” To Try To Bash Him & He Clapped Back HARD

By Noor | 17 Oct, 2020

Jannat Mirza lashed out at Waqar Zaka and he did NOT hold back

Jannat Mirza has been making a lot of news recently. After making waves as the first Pakistani to amass 10 million followers on the app she shocked many by announcing that she’s shifting to Japan. Jannat is making headlines again because of her new statement which aims to defend the TikTok community against the vitriolic attacks.


It all started when TikTok was banned in Pakistan and people everywhere began trolling TikTok content creators

The TikTokers were trolled and dragged on all social media platforms.


Amidst the whole trolling episode, Jannat announced that she is permanently moving to Japan and this gave an opportunity to the people to further drag the TikTok community

People expressed their happiness by saying that they are actually looking forward to the day when Jannat will finally leave the country and will learn creative ways to earn instead of the useless content produced by her on TikTok.


Amidst all the trolling, Waqar Zaka published a YouTube video which was about his reactions to the TikTok content creators

Waqar did a reaction video and reacted to the cringe TikTok videos which were sent to him.


Jannat Mirza lashed out at Waqar Zaka where she posted a series of stories on Instagram to call out the trolling that TikTok community has been receiving

In a now deleted series of stories on her Instagram, she also talked about the way this whole trolling saga has affected her adversely. She rightly said that no one really has a right to judge anyone and before moral policing others, one should fix their flaws as an individual.

Source: @jannatmirza_/Instagram
Source: @jannatmirza_/Instagram


Jannat talked about Waqar Zaka and called him “uncle” in an effort to troll him back, is all we can assume

She reminded him of his past videos and controversial content that she found objectionable. She even shared a clip from one of Waqar’s video.

Source: @jannatmirza_/Instagram


Not one to take it quietly, Waqar Zaka promptly responded by making another video and this time he directly targeted Jannat Mirza 

He challenged Jannat Mirza by saying, ” agar muqabala karna hai tau naiki main mera muqabla kar kay dikhao.”

The video included direct verbal attacks at Jannat Mirza. He referred to her as chachi lasori and asked all his followers to use this title for Jannat in the comment section. Waqar threatened the TikToker that he can easily get her Instagram account reported. He also criticized her for supporting the ban on TikTok.


People in the comments obviously supported Waqar Zaka said that Jannat Mirza is jealous of his fame and influence on social media platforms

Source: Waqar Zaka/YouTube


It seemed that the people on YouTube immensely enjoyed the roast of Jannat Mirza

Source: Waqar Zaka/YouTube


A few, however, did feel that YouTube content creators were piggy-backing on the attention and fame of TikTokers by trolling them

Source: Waqar Zaka/YouTube


What do you think about this phadda between Jannat Mirza and Waqar Zaka?


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Cover image: @jannatmirza_ via Instagram/@zakawaqar via Instagram

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