TikTok Star Ali Khan Hyderabadi Is Getting Bashed For Allegedly Making Fun Of A Dark Skinned Girl

By Noor | 16 Oct, 2020

Ali Khan Hyderabadi may have color shamed a girl

Of late TikTok has been the  whole world’s destination for instant viral fame on the internet. The reasons one may become famous are many but what remains a common factor is that the app doesn’t discriminate based on economic background when making someone famous.


One overnight success coming out of TikTok has been Ali Khan from Hyderabad popularly known as “Ali Khan Hyderabadi”

Ali’s signature walk became super viral and he became one of the fastest TikTokers in Pakistan to gain more than a million followers. He now stands at over 6 million strong. His videos from his recent, highly anticipated Dubai trip were loved by his fans who can not get enough of his famous walk.

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Well, Ali Khan Hyderabadi is once again making headlines again but for making an insensitive joke rather than for his jovial personality

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In a recent Instagram live session, Ali invited a fan and later made fun of her dark complexion and asking her to clean her face to appear “clearer”

Ali can be seen in the video saying that the kid with him is getting scared of the complexion of the girl. He also asked the girl to ‘clean’ her camera. The video clearly shows Ali saying, ” bol raha hai kaali larki” as he laughed about the fact that the little child with him on camera reacted to the girl’s appearance.

He further added to his insensitive comment by saying” darr raha hai thora, aap camera saaf karo.” 


People on the internet have termed his behavior as shameful and disgusting


They stated that Ali Khan Hyderabadi does not deserve the fame that he had been bestowed with suddenly because of his insensitive behavior toward the girl


People talked about how the sudden fame can result in some people acting rudely toward their fans


They found the video clip to be extremely hurtful and setting the wrong example for all the young, impressionable fans that the massively popular TikTok star may have who will watch his reaction and think it’s okay to make fun of people for the way they look


People also pointed out that it’s not just Ali Khan Hyderabadi, but that this sort of behavior has been normalized by our society and is deeply entrenched in the values given to us


As soon as the vitriolic attacks and the criticism began, Ali responded by posting a message on Instagram

He said that there’s another side of the picture and there’s more to it. He asked his fans to stay calm and give him some space.

Source: @ali_khan110_ali110/Instagram


Ali also shared a video of the girl who was allegedly made fun of and in the video she claimed that the fans had misunderstood the whole thing and that Ali respects women

So, what’s your take on the issue? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via: @ali_khan110_ali110/Instagram

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