11 Surprising Things You Probably Didn't Know About Yumna Zaidi

By Astarte | 15 Oct, 2020

Yumna Zaidi has been part of the drama industry since 2012 and has appeared in many TV shows since. Despite her long association with the entertainment industry, there is a lot we do not know about the actor. In an interview with Samina Peerzada, Yumna talked candidly about her life and here’s everything we learned about her life.


1. Yumna Zaidi is a middle child. 

She has two sisters who are older to her, and a brother younger than her.


2. She did her first role when she was in the 8th grade, and Affan Waheed got it for her.

Yumna’s older sister was in NCA, Lahore, and was friends with Affan Waheed. He had a role for a younger girl which was given to Yumna. The director of this show called her many years later for what would be the start of her acting career.

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3. Yumna Zaidi is a poet!

She started writing at a young age, and still does to this day, however, nothing has been published yet.


4. Yumna has done her Masters in Interior Design. 

Yumna studied in the College of Home Economics in Lahore and completed her Masters in Interior Design from there.

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5. She lives in the USA. 

She travels for her dramas and work but her family resides in the US.

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6. Growing up, Yumna Zaidi did not see acting as a possible career choice for herself. 

As most actors reveal on the show, Yumna did not consider acting as something she could do, or even make into a career.

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7. Yumna’s best friend, confidant and biggest supporter is her mother. 


8. She got paid Rs. 5000 for her first ever role. 

This was back in the 8th grade, for the role that Affan Waheed had essentially gotten her.


9. Yumna Zaidi is very, very punctual 

In her interview, Yumna revealed that the few times that she did get angry on set was over the timings of shoots, or people showing up late for projects. This is rare to see in celebrities nowadays.

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10. According to her, 2012 was a life-changing year for her. 

She says that that year changed a lot of things for her and her life. She felt more in control of the things happening in her life.


11. Yumna Zaidi revealed that she has a controlling nature.

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BONUS FACT. She’s 31! 

Yumna doesn’t talk about her age on the show, however, we didn’t realize how old she actually was. Also, it’s refreshing to find an actress who doesn’t perpetually stay 23 years old.

What revelation about Yumna Zaidi shocked you the most? If you want to know more about her you can watch her full interview with Samina Peerzada, right here.


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