Ayeza Khan Just Went Private On Instagram After People Were Sending Her Nudes

By Iman Zia | 2 May, 2019

Celebrities are the bane of virality online. It’s funny if you think about it – almost anything they do tends to make the news, be it unfollowing another celebrity or taking to platforms to vent about something controversial. As someone famous, you really can’t escape the clutches of the internet.


Ayeza Khan recently announced she was going private on Instagram.

This might come as a bit of a shocker considering the fact that she has amassed 3.1 million followers and has a cult fan following.

Source: @ayezakhan.ak/Instagram



The actress has always been very active on social media, divulging moments about her family and always updating her account with upcoming projects.

…And in the world of entertainment, it’s unlikely to see a celebrity have a private account (unless something negative happens).

Source: @ayezakhan.ak/Instagram


Ayeza posted a message to announce that she would be going private in a post earlier today:

She said that she would be “keeping [her] account private” because she wanted “fans, not the followers.”

Source: @ayezakhan.ak/Instagram


Many began speculating what the actress meant by this.

The actress responded to ‘Galaxy Lollywood’s’ post and cleared the air as to why she decided to suddenly go private. Ayeza said that she wanted to filter out strangers and no longer allow people who post “nudes” or tag her in intimate videos. The ‘Pyarey Afzal’ actress said that she would also no longer accept accounts that had “zero followers” (bots), and wanted a clean slate for her Instagram account.

Here’s the full post:


Fans lauded the actress’s decision to go private.

Source: @galaxylollywood/Instagram
Source: @galaxylollywood/Instagram


While it is a shame that Ayeza was coerced into making her account private, the fact that online trolls exist in such prevalent numbers and endlessly waste their own time trying to bring down others is honestly quite pathetic. And with the freedom the internet allows us, it is entirely our own decision to do what we please with our accounts – and divulge details about ourselves that still give us a sense of protection, safety, and individuality. Ayeza’s vulnerability was breached, and she naturally reacted in a way most of us would.


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