Here's How TikTok Stars Are Reacting To The App Being Banned In Pakistan

By Noor | 10 Oct, 2020

TikTok stars and regular TikTok users have talked about the whole banning saga and have used their Instagram accounts to address the issue.Β 

An immediate ban has been imposed on the social media app, TikTok. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has asserted that this action is a product of the complaints lodged by different sections of society. It is being said that the complaints primarily focused on the way TikTok has been “promoting obscenity” and how most of the videos shared on the app “do not meet the moral standards of the society.”

TikTok stars and regular TikTok users have talked about the whole banning saga and have used their Instagram accounts to address the issue.

One of the biggest TikTok stars, Jannat Mirza, who has the highest number of followers in Pakistan, urged her fans to find other ways to view her content.

Jannat is currently in Japan and has said that TikTok is working smoothly on her phone right now.

Source: @jannatmirza_/Instagram

Another one of the many famous TikTok stars, Alishbah Anjum, posted a video of her saying, TikTok nahe rahay

Source: @alishbahannjum/Instagram

Mustafa Ali Shah also posted a similar video sharing the same message

Source: @mustafaalishah1/Instagram

Waqar Jutt shared his thoughts by posting a video in which he states that the ban of TikTok cannot rob TikTok stars of their talent

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TikTok bandπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Umer Butt shared a message on his Instagram story to inform his followers that the app has been banned

Source: @umebutt/Instagram

Naveed Khan and Mujtaba Lakhani, two more renowned TikTok stars, shared a video on their Instagram story to share their feelings regarding the ban

They basically said, ” TikTok nahe rahay.”

Source: @mujtabalakhani/Instagram

Aiman Zaman posted a video on YouTube to explain how TikTok served as a platform which aimed to give voice to the opinions of many who did not have access to other platforms

She also tried to draw attention towards the immense amount of talent on the app,

Ali Khan shared the news regarding the ban in an emotional manner. He also requested his followers to use a VPN to access the app.

Source: @ali_khan110_ali110/Instagram

Lehrasib also advised his followers to use VPN and explained that this is a temporary ban

Source: @mlehrasib007/Instagram

Ali Butt also explained that the app has been temporarily banned and soon, people will be able to access it freely

Source: @aalleey09/Instagram

Banning a platform is not an appropriate way to deal with the issues that may have been generated by it. TikTok stars put in a lot of time and effort while creating their content. Many of us may not agree with it, or like it, but there are clearly millions who do and are entertained by it.

Do you also think that this is a temporary ban? Let us know in the comments below.


Jannat Mirza Is Being Trolled Unnecessarily After TikTok Got Banned In Pakistan


Source: @aimanzamanofficial/Instagram/@ali_khan110_ali110/Instagram/@jannatmirza_/Instagram

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