Jannat Mirza Is Being Trolled Unnecessarily After TikTok Got Banned In Pakistan

By Noor | 10 Oct, 2020

TikTok star Jannat Mirza hit 10 million followers on TikTok, just as the app got banned in Pakistan. Now, people are trolling her.

Recently, a few government officials hinted at a ban being considered for the famous TikTok app. So, while the things were under discussion and people were debating on the effectiveness of banning the social media platforms, the government announced to ban Tiktok and imposed it right away. Since then, people on social media have been discussing how bans cannot address the grassr00t level issues, and regulating the platform with specific guidelines would have been more beneficial.

While serious conversations are a part of the discussion, people have been talking about TikTok celeb, Jannat Mirza, for hitting 10 million followers on the app. 

Unfortunately, that effort seems to have gone to waste, now that the app is banned.

Social media platforms were flooded with memes and tweets featuring the TikTok star.

The news served as meme fodder 

People embodied Jannat Mirza’s haters for the memes


The TikTok celeb was unnecessarily trolled and dragged after the app got banned by the government 

They just could NOT stop…

A few even joked unnecessarily about how Jannat Mirza would be looking for another job now

Several things need to be understood here. Firstly, dragging Jannat Mirza into this is pretty unfair, considering the ban has been a major hit to her. It’s not easy to build a following, only to watch it all dissipate into nothingness because of a ban.

Moreover, banning TikTok or any other social media app is not the solution to the problem. Regulation of the platform could be carried out, of course, but banning doesn’t solve anything.

While Pakistani Twitter is busy exploring the lighter side of the situation, we should NOT forget to highlight the hard work and effort put in by Jannat Mirza who has secured the title of being the first Pakistani to hit 10 million followers on TikTok. We would like to congratulate the TikToker for her recent achievement and we wish that the government reconsiders their decision of banning the application.


TikTok Star Jannat Mirza Claims That She Has Been Banned By TikTok


Source: @jannatmirza_/Instagram

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