TikTok Stars Sehar Hayyat And Ali Butt FINALLY Addressed Rumors About Their Relationship And Breakup

By Noor | 7 Jul, 2020

Sehar Hayyat and Ali Butt haven’t been seen together in TikToks for a few weeks now

So, Ali Fayyaz Butt and Sehar Hayyat are one of the most famous celebrities in Pakistan on TikTok. Both of them have amassed an enormous following and are particularly beloved for their videos where the two have acted as a couple.  Ali Fayyaz Butt has a grand following of 3.9 million while Sehar Hayyat is followed by a total of 5.2 million people.


For the past few weeks, Sehar Hayyat and Ali Butt haven’t been seen together in TikToks leading to so many rumors among fans

In the past, both the TikTokers were known to produce content that was romantic in nature and their videos were appreciated by their fans who loved to see the on-screen performances by the couple.


Sab tera ❣️ @aalleey #seharfam #crew07

♬ original sound – sehar_hayyat


As the duo was popular together, not to mention they were a part of a TikTok group called Crew 07 so this led to fans assuming that the couple was in an actual relationship in their real lives as well


❣️❤️@aalleey #crew07 #seharfam

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Which is why when the TikTok couple stopped making videos together for the past few weeks many fans were heartbroken as they thought that the couple wasn’t seen together because they might have broken up in real life

Fans expressed their opinions by typing out their views. They missed the couple and wanted to see a collaboration soon.

Source: @iseharhayat/Instagram
Source: @iseharhayat/Instagram


There were numerous requests made to both Sehar Hayyat and Ali Butt to start appearing in TikToks together again

Source: @aalleey09/Instagram


A few even went on to question the couple about their relationship status and breakup and this is what to gave birth to those rumors

Source: @iseharhayat/Instagram
Source: @iseharhayat/Instagram


So recently Sehar Hayyat addressed the rumors about whether she and Ali were in a relationship or not

She clearly mentioned that both of them had a professional bond and they have worked with each other for a very long time. Sehar added that she now wants to explore this field alone and wants to find new opportunities for herself. She said she doesn’t want to limit her TikTok experience by making videos with Ali only. She said that she now wants to work with everyone she can get a chance with.


Ali Butt also talked about the rumors and stated that he shares a friendly bond with Sehar and both of them are just an ‘0n-screen’ couple


bhot requests a rahe thi es video ka lia…finally Ali butt na bta dia breakup nai howa #foryou #seharfam #aalleeyfam #seharaalleeyfam #abworld #viral

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 He also broke the hearts of many fans by saying that that they won’t be making any new videos together, for the foreseeable future

Ali has clearly said that there’s no breakup because there was no relationship to begin with.


bhot requests a rahe thi es video ka lia…finally Ali butt na bta dia breakup nai howa #foryou #seharfam #aalleeyfam #seharaalleeyfam #abworld #viral

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In a recent interview, Ali also revealed that there are some family issues due to which the on-screen couple had to take a step back from appearing together

In Ali’s words, “main bata raha hun kuch family issues ban gaye thay, log samajh rahay thay, uncle samajh rahay thay kay humara koi couple hai yeh woh. Hum nay kaha hum sirf dost hain, woh phir aap ko pata hai family nahi maanti asaani say.”

He was further asked about their alleged engagement to which Ali said that he and Sehar were not engaged and they are not even planning to get engaged, they are only friends.


❤️🙌🏻 @aalleey #crew07 #seharfam

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If you’re interested in watching Ali’s full interview where he mentioned this, you can check it out here.

So, there you have it. The two have finally put to rest all those rumors about their alleged relationship and breakup. While they’re saying they won’t be making any videos together for now, we hope that the much beloved on-screen couple can come together again because we fans love them together.

If you’ve got any thoughts about this you can sound off in the comments below.


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