21 Of The Funniest Jokes You'll Only Get If You've Taken Online Classes Recently

By Sarmad Amer | 7 Jul, 2020

Online classes are a joke

Ever since concepts like “unprecedented times” and “the new normal” became parts of our lives earlier this year, we’ve also had to adapt to living our lives in “unprecedented” ways and adjust to this “new normal”. One part of this adjustment has been to distance ourselves physically from each other and seeing work and education go online.

Sadly, online classes have been a rather hard adjustment for many

Pakistani students, in particular, have been protesting against these classes for the haphazard, mismanaged, and, frankly, the boring way these classes are being conducted by teachers who barely understand technology, let alone making online classes engaging and fun.

On top of that, internet connectivity in Pakistan is extremely shitty and so many students come from remote areas and underprivileged families where internet aside, even having a computer or a smartphone is a luxury that’s unheard of.


While the boomers in authority grapple with learning how to adapt to the new world, here are how students are coping with the frustration that are online classes

Jokes and memes are the one way young people have learned to express themselves rather creatively. So let’s get on with these hilarious jokes, shall we?


Students also commented on how this new version of school has given them more opportunities to be even more “casual”


Others shared their struggles with these online classes


Of course, the money making private schools that are more business than “educational institutions” were rightfully dragged too


Some people actually have creative ideas, like this father showing off how his daughter has tried to make digital learning work for her


Many students have been sharing how WhatsApp and texting have helped them hack the new system and keep sane during these classes


Of course, someone had to take a crack at the terrible state of internet in Pakistan


Some students also shared how these online classes have led to increased work load from lazy teachers who find it easy to just throw a bunch of assignments at students without really making them worth much learning

Jokes aside, the state of digital learning has been terrible. It has exposed the older people aka boomers in power for not really wanting to adapt to new technologies that the world has rapidly given us. It is common sense that online learning is the way forward and this is high time that instead of asking to reopen schools, colleges and universities and putting millions of students at risk, authorities realize they need to adapt or the entire education industry of Pakistan will need to be dismantled, completely.



Cover image via: aa.com.tr

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