Pakistani Students Are Urging The Government To Cancel Board Exams This Year Due To Coronavirus

By Sana Yasmeen | 7 May, 2020

Pakistani students are asking exams should be canceled due to coronavirus

Intensely affecting routine life around the globe, coronavirus has caused a 180° shift in the way the world functioned. This sudden change in routine has deeply affected the education sector, with schools and colleges all over the world having to move into online classes and distance learning without much time or proper planning.


Pakistani students have been sitting at home since March 13 when all educational institutions were shut down in the country

Schools and colleges were shut down due to the fear of transmission risk of COVID-19 as the first few cases emerged in Pakistan.


Online classes have proven to be a huge struggle to adapt to in Pakistan

With issues like internet speed, lack of access to proper computers or even internet for those students who belong to remote areas and lack of proper teacher training to adapt to the new model of online learning, the virtual classroom setup in Pakistan has pretty much been a big failure.


Now, Pakistani students are demanding that board exams be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic

Students from all around Pakistan have come forward against the board exams during this pandemic. They not only expressed concerns regarding the high potential of risk that comes with conducting board exams in a traditional way but also highlighted the fact that with no proper course completion, exams at this challenging time are only going to add to more troubles rather than lead to any fruitful end of a challenging academic year.


Pakistani students also said that it’s absurd to take exams when the coronavirus is ravaging the world and causing massive economic and healthcare issues to deal with

According to students, the focus of the Government should be on building a healthcare system that can deal with the ever increasing numbers of patients and focus on safely rebuilding the economy, instead of taking exams when online classes have basically been useless to complete the academic year.


Pakistani students also highlighted that exams in coronavirus-hit times would have made sense when online classes had actually happened properly

In their current state, online learning has been deemed useless as it hasn’t helped adapt teachers to utilize the new technology properly thereby giving no benefit to the careers or knowledge of these students.


Students are demanding that they should be promoted to the next classes without any exams as other international examination bodies have done

With the Cambridge International Exams having come up with a mechanism to allow students to be given grades considering the unprecedented times, Pakistani students are demanding that the HEC also come up with something similar to gauge the academic qualifications of students in Pakistan in these times.



Of course, there are those students who couldn’t help but meme the situation to cope with trying to understand it all


Students expressed how they were concerned that the Government was being very non-serious with their lives

Well, a large number of students in Pakistan are adamant against exams being taken during this pandemic but officials have yet to make a definitive announcement on the matter.

Do you support the possibility of canceling exams for this year? Let us know in the comments below.


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