Pakistani Doctors Are Saying That Teachers Told Them ‘Coronavirus' Topic Wasn't Important In Medical School

By Noor | 11 Apr, 2020

Pakistani doctors are at the forefront of the coronavirus pandemic and they’re the real heroes

With the outbreak of the coronavirus getting more intense, the fear of the disease has engulfed the entire globe. Doctors from all the countries are trying to find the perfect cure for the deadly pandemic and are fighting against the disease in the best possible way.


Pakistani doctors have shown utmost courage during this coronavirus outbreak, like medical professionals around the world

They have been putting forward demands of more safety equipment to ensure that no negligence occurs on their part. Because of the sudden surge in infections around the world and our healthcare system being in a state of terrible situation that it is, our medical professionals did encounter some issues but they’re doing the best with the circumstances that they have at their hands.


While the efforts to fight the deadly disease by the Pakistani doctors cannot be ignored, a revelation by medical students in Pakistan has left some people in shock and they are wondering if our healthcare professionals are well trained to tackle this situation.


Some Pakistani doctors have shared an interesting tidbit about coronavirus and what they studied (or rather didn’t study) about it in medical schools

The students in their posts have explained that they were told by the specialists in the field that, from the exam’s perspective, this particular topic is not as important as others.


Some of the med school folks have shared evidence of their notes crossing out the chapter on coronavirus as “not important” because their teachers told them it won’t be tested in exams

While it may not have been tested in exams it became the biggest test in real life for them. Ouch!


This revelation led people to question whether Pakistani doctors could really produce the vaccine for this virus

Source: @Humorists2.0/Facebook


Some were scared that it means that doctors treating them don’t know what they’re treating their patients for

Source: @Humorists2.0/Facebook


Others also pointed out the dilemma of our education system where students don’t aim for professional excellence or really understanding what they’re studying instead they just want to pass a certain exam

Source: @Humorists2.0/Facebook

This bit of information does cause some concern but the fact that medical professionals around the world are dedicating their lives to fighting the virus, there is hope that if not from their books our doctors might be able to learn from their fellow doctors around the world.

While our medical professionals are fighting with the deadly virus, general precautions by the public at large are a must to ensure that the further spread of disease is not an option anymore. We all need to practice social distancing as much as possible along with washing hands and practicing good hygiene habits.

Stay safe, stay informed and stay away from each other.


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