Here's The Truth Behind 11 Of The Most “Viral” Myths About Coronavirus That Pakistanis STILL Believe

By Noor | 11 Apr, 2020

Some popular myths about coronavirus, busted

While the entire globe is fighting the deadly coronavirus, desis are coming up with theories and totkas of their own. Amid all this misinformation which is rapidly spreading on several social media platforms we have brought you some myth busters regarding popular myths about coronavirus, that you may still be misinformed about.


1. One of the most popular myths about coronavirus people are believing is that an increase in the temperature will stop the virus or slow it down

According to the World Health Organization’s official website, the virus is not affected by the temperature at all. So, the theory that the rise in temperature above 27-degree Celsius will eliminate the virus is wrong because it can be transmitted in areas with a hot and humid climate.



2. Another one of the silly myths about coronavirus that you probably believe in is that hand sanitizers are essential during this pandemic

Researchers have stated that you do not need to worry if all the sanitizer in the stores are gone because it is the combination of soap and water that kills and washes away the virus from the skin better than anything else.



3. Probably one of the most common myths about coronavirus is that masks are essential

As said by WHO, healthy people should only wear a mask if they are taking care of the patient who is infected by the coronavirus or out in public where it is difficult to maintain a distance of more than 6 feet with other people. The rational with masks not being essential is more to do with the fact that there is a severe shortage of real masks that actually stop the virus around the world because many people have hoarded these masks in a panic. Right now doctors are the most essential people who should be given these masks because they are in close contact with patients and these doctors can get the virus most easily.



4: A huge number of people believe that coronavirus lives in the throat so drinking lots of hot water will help

According to the Chief Of Infectious Diseases at the University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health, viruses do NOT work like this. They may enter through the throat but they can NOT be washed away because they directly penetrate into host cells( the body where the virus has entered).

While drinking water is not going to help kill the virus or wash it down, it is also important to note that the virus is said to not be transmitted through food. So just make sure that you are consuming food that is properly cooked or cleaned, and that you are drinking water that has not been sneezed or coughed on by someone else.



5: So many folks think that social distancing is an over-reaction and the lockdowns should be finished

Many, many doctors and scientists have emphasized the importance of social distancing and have said that the number of infected cases will remain under control if social distancing is practiced. Countries like Czech Republic and Austria are starting to lift their lockdowns because they have effectively controlled the virus by doing very strict lockdowns as soon as they saw a number of patients getting infected.

Chinese doctors have recommended that lockdowns should not be completely lifted until a vaccine is discovered because this virus could potentially come back stronger if lockdowns are not kept in place.



6: Eating garlic is a cure for the coronavirus

A report by WHO states that garlic has some antimicrobial properties which means that it is healthy for you but there’s no evidence that it has protected people from the coronavirus.



7: Use of ibuprofen can accelerate the impact of coronavirus on the body

A spokesperson for the Medical University of Vienna has stated that neither it has been discussed nor research to study the potential effects of ibuprofen on COVID-19 has been conducted.



8: So many people are fearful that mosquito bites will cause the coronavirus to spread even more

WHO states coronavirus spreads via respiratory droplets and blood sucked by mosquitos has absolutely no role to play in the transmission of the virus.



9: One of the most common myths that has affected the food industry is the belief that getting food served by a COVID positive person can infect you too thus do not order food from a restaurant

According to several respected doctors, this is a myth because there’s no case reported which is linked to food. Coronavirus is transmitted by respiratory tract which means you can get the virus only if you somehow inhale droplets containing the virus. Eating food is safe but if you’re still concerned about this then the doctors have suggested microwaving your food for two minutes can further help kill any virus particles.

So you know, if you’re craving that pizza you can order it, just remember to properly wash your hands after handling the packaging, maintain distance of at least 6 feet with the delivery rider, discard or recycle the boxes and shopping bags that the food came in, wash your hands properly again and then eat away.



10: Coronavirus can spread through air

It is explained by several doctors that the coronavirus is a droplet infection that requires close contact with the infected people. They have said that the air is completely clean and fresh. So you can go out of the four walls of your home, just remember to stay at least 6 feet away from other people because you never know who might have the virus.



11: So many ignorant folks think that we won’t get coronavirus because we are Muslims so namaazein masjid mein hee parhnay jao

Doctors say that the virus doesn’t ask you about the religious path you follow and is only concerned if you’re a human who is prone to the virus due to any reason. History has shown that previous outbreaks did not spare any faith. You have been given a mind and judgment skills therefore it is important to realize that in order to stay safe and keep others safe you should apply that mind and stay away from large crowds where you have to stand or sit close to other people.



If you’re looking for more updates on myths around coronavirus that are authentic then be sure to follow Dr. Faheem Younus

Dr. Younus is a doctor of Pakistani-origin who works as the chief of infectious diseases at the University of Maryland, Upper Chesapeake Health. This means that he is definitely one of the experts around diseases like the current covid-19 virus aka coronavirus.

Myths about coronavirus have spread just as fast as the virus itself. It can be very dangerous to believe these myths because, as you know very well, the virus is highly contagious and if you don’t do as the authentic authorities are telling you to do, we may not be able to control it before it wreaks more havoc.

Stay safe, stay informed and stay away from each other.


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