Taher Shah Just Broke The Internet With His Latest Song, ‘Farishta' And It's Honestly Magical

By Janita Tahir | 11 Apr, 2020

Taher Shah and ‘Farishta’ have broken the internet.

Ever since, Taher Shah, a legend in our music industry, announced that he was going to drop a music video for his latest song, people all over Pakistan were hyped up. After all, it’s Taher Shah we are talking about. Mankind’s angel and the man who taught us how to see eye to eye. Pakistanis were dying for his comeback.

Taher Shah met all of the expectations with his new song “Farishta”!

Farishta… Insan… Farishta

With amazing poetry-like lyrics and an extremely strong message that touched all our hearts, he once again proved that he is the one that will never fail to revive our music industry.

The visuals of the video are also stunning

If the amazing lyrics and his beautiful voice isn’t enough, the singer also won our hearts with the brilliant visuals in the music video. In the first scene alone, we have a kid flying on a white horse with a rainbow in the background.

Taher Shah narrates a beautiful love story

As always, there is a deeper meaning in this video too. While it starts as a flying child (who is also a king), it soon develops into an amazing love story. Our child hero finds a fairy, and he tells her muhabbat tou tum se hi hai, tum bhe tou farishta ho… And then they are seen strolling in the garden and standing on a heart made of rose petals while ‘la la la la’ plays in the background.

Don’t ever say romance is dead.

Some people thought Taher Shah made an Urdu translation of  his song, “Angel”

Hmm. I guess the fact that ‘Angel’ starts with “Angeeel…Mankind…Angeeel” and ‘Farishta’ starts with “Farishtaa…Insaan…Farishta” must be what had everyone confused. However, there is a BIG difference. There is no Taher Shah himself in the music video for ‘Farishta’. Obviously, these are two different songs. And even if they arent, songs ko revamp karne ka zamana hai. 

Of course, Pakistanis absolutely loved this new gem

Taher Shah and his song are trending on Twitter already.

Beautiful lyrics and stunning animation, Deep messages and thought-provoking themes. What’s not to love?

Have you seen this song? What are your thoughts on it? If you haven’t, PLEASE do yourself a favor and watch it here.

Let us know what you think!



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Cover image via Taher Shah/YouTube

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