FBR Just Sent Notice To Pakistan's Biggest YouTuber Nadir Ali Of P4Pakao For 1.3 Crores In Unpaid Taxes

By Rameeza Ahmad | 9 Apr, 2020

Nadir Ali aka P4Pakao is not paying taxes on his wealth as per claims

While YouTube, and social media in general, has become a bonafide source of income, like many other publicly available information sources, income of many YouTubers always remains somewhat of a mystery especially in Pakistan. This is exavtly what has allegedly landed Nadir Ali, or as he is popularly known as P4Pakao, in a controversy, apparently.


Nadir Ali has been on YouTube since 2016 with his channel P4Pakao

He has over 3 million subscribers and has hundreds of millions of views on his YouTube channel. He is also named as the Pakistani YouTuber with the most subscribers.

According to reports, Nadir apparently registered with the income tax department in October 2017 and declared his income as PKR 0 for the years 2016 and 2017. For 2018, he declared that his income had been PKR 809,762 and for 2019 as PKR 14.44 million.

However, FBR was apparently suspicious of him and had launched an investigation against him for a while which finally came to a head recently when it is claimed that they confirmed Nadir’s income from YouTube.


According to the FBR, Nadir Ali aka P4Pakao, owes the authorities more than Rs. 1.3 crores

For the year 2016-2017 when he said he had no earnings, he actually earned PKR 2.86 million, as per FBR claims. For 2018 he earned PKR 28.335 million and for 2019 he actually made PKR 46.762 million and this was apart from the PKR 10 million he got in foreign exchange.



People are not only disappointed in Nadir, but have started urging other YouTubers to step up and contribute to the current pandemic


Nadir has not made any official statement on the matter yet

His last upload on YouTube was a few days ago and people are leaving comments on it regarding this scandal, asking Nadir to pay his taxes.

Source: P4Pakao via YouTube

The FBR is apparently going to crack down on online content creators who are earning large incomes from their platforms but evading taxation.

What do you think of evading taxation by declaring the wrong income? Let us know in the comments below.

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