‘P4Pakao' Prank King Nadir Ali Just Posted About How YouTube Changed His Life

By UA | 29 Jul, 2019

Now with over 2 million subscribers on YouTube, Nadir Ali has started to flourish in the Pakistani YouTube scene with his various types of pranks which he categorizes as ‘Indoor’ pranks, ‘Celebrity’ pranks, ‘Door to Door’, ‘Road’ and ‘International’ pranks. People watch and enjoy his content, and his show ‘P4Pakao’ is doing incredibly well on the internet.

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However, Nadir did not always have it easy, and the journey towards his success was not at all free of struggle.

In a recent Facebook post, the ‘P4Pakao’ prankster opened up to his audience about how only 4 short years ago, he had found himself in an entirely different situation. He expressed how in 2014, he was not acknowledged by the people surrounding him and was broke, helpless, and lonely. He mentioned how even his own relatives made him feel non-existent and nobody really wanted to be his friend- and how that prevented him from finding love too.

The one thing that turned things around for Nadir, as per himself, was his dream and vision.

The ‘P4Pakao’ YouTuber dreamed about hosting a show and showcasing his talents for the world to see them, but was faced by major hurdles in the fact that he did not have any connections in the entertainment industry. He stated that every channel one could possibly think of in Pakistan rejected his show, which pushed him to work at a small store to make ends meet, even though he did not want to. He knew he was meant for something else, and even though his most loved ones turned on him, he held on to that thought.

Passionate as ever, Nadir set out on a path with his dream in mind, and still recalls the obstacles he was faced with.

He writes about a memory of having a cup of tea with a security guard just so he could let him in to see the guy who was willing to listen to his idea of a show, which he had then named ‘P4Pakao’. He kick-started his career by taking 5-minute long segments in morning shows and comedy scenes, seizing every opportunity that he could in order to get his message across to the world.

Looking back, Nadir believes that he always knew that he had what it took- it was just very hard to convince the people around him.

Accrediting his fame and success to the fact that he did not give up his faith in himself for even a second, Nadir stated that he took the biggest bet on himself when he created his ‘P4Pakao’ YouTube channel and decided to take matters into his own hands. He mentioned how in the beginning stages, he did not even have enough money to pay an editor to edit his videos, but his faith in himself and his vision kept him going and he believed that one day all of this would pay off. According to him, it most certainly did.

P4Pakao star Nadir with his wife
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Reflecting on the year of 2019, Nadir finds himself blessed enough to have everything that he had dreamed of.

Nadir finds himself fortunate to have earned success and fame, a stable brand, and to have found a loving wife. He acknowledges the love of his fans and subscribers, who watch him from all across the globe and states that the people who initially turned on him and criticized him now look at him in awe and hope to become a valuable connection for him.

Nadir ends his message with a heartfelt piece of advice, asking his followers to protect and cherish their dreams.

He instructs the readers of his post to always protect their dreams and work hard to manifest them, no matter what it took. He states that nobody can change how others perceive things and act upon those perceptions, but you can most certainly take your fate into your own hands through dedication and hard work. He closes the post by dedicating it to anyone who has a dream that feels hopeless and unrealistic at the moment, reassuring them that they too will defeat the odds and make it one day, just like he did. He tells the readers, ‘din sab ka aata hai. kisi ki zubaan ki jagah apne talent ka haath pakro‘, instructing them to take control of what they can take control of and leave the uncontrollable on its own.

It is so immensely inspiring to come across stories of people who hustled and worked hard to get to a successful point in their life. It is not very rare to come across hurdles in our pathways that make us feel alone and a little bit out of place in the path towards our dreams. In fact, it is more common to be questioning yourself on whether it will all be worth it in the end. Nadir’s story can serve as inspiration for all those who are on different points in their journeys and are facing similar kinds of obstacles in their path. Just remember not to give up, and know that it will be worth it looking back!

You can read Nadir’s full post here:

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