We Dare You Not To Laugh Over This Karachi Reporter's Amazing Dedication To His Job

By UA | 29 Jul, 2019

With monsoon season right at its peak, Pakistanis have been on the receiving end of some pretty harsh climate changes. With landslides, flooding, and the like, the past week has been quite intense. While some of us are lucky enough to able to take days off from work and school, most newscasters, reporters, and journalists still had to report for duty.

Among all the chaos, one reporter in the Kot Chutta region took his job a bit too seriously.

The Karachi reporter named Azadaar Hussain took reporting to new depths (pun intended) by standing neck-deep in the River Sindh. He reported that the crops were flooded over thousands of acres and that the water was starting to approach the populated regions surrounding it.

Matlub ke

He also shared that as per his conversations with the inhabitants, the local officials have yet to take the necessary safety measures. The inhabitants are now extending their pleas to both the Chief Minister as well as PM Imran Khan for their safety.

Hussain portrayed his dedication for the world to see, and people were quick to notice the ‘minor’ detail that appeared to be no big deal for him.

His ‘casual’ reporting sparked an array of reactions, adding a tiny streak of humor to an otherwise serious topic that had been causing stress to a lot of people across the nation. People were impressed with how passionate he appeared to be.

Kya baat hay.

Some even related the Karachi reporter’s conduct back to a statement made by the Prime Minister about the problem with Pakistani media.

“Not just free…out of control.”

Users resorted to the humorous route, making jokes about their own lives and how they could use similar extents of dedication.

Some even compared the deep water to the depths of their misery…

Many people were dumbfounded by the Karachi reporter’s lack of concern for his own safety and how blinded he was by his strong motive to accomplish his task.

Having gone viral internationally, Hussain really did leave us stunned.

Same sis, same.

And I mean, I think we can all agree on one thing…

…and also, this.


Okay, but on a serious note, Hussain could seriously have put his life in danger, especially considering the fact that he was dealing with electrical instruments under the water. Pakistan can be pretty off with her labor laws and even though it is inspiring to see how dedicated some people are towards their jobs, putting your life in danger is never cool.

Regardless, the Karachi reporter Hussain has made it as the reporter of the year and people all over the world are talking about his willpower of iron. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below!

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