Pakistanis Can't Get Over This Weird AF Conspiracy Theory About The Car Used In The PSX Incident

By Noor | 6 Jul, 2020

Was the PSX incident car really in a Pakistani drama?

The recent Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) attack was claimed by the Balochistan Liberation Army. The gunmen barged into the building by first launching a grenade attack at the main gate and later opened fire. Fortunately, all of the attackers were killed and the situation was brought under control.


Soon after the PSX incident, images from the crime scene went viral

One such image depicted a car that was alleged to have been used in the crime.



The images included a snap of the car used by the attackers, which gave birth to some bizarre rumors that the car in the PSX incident was the same as one in a Pakistani drama

So, basically it is being said that car used by the attackers was recently featured in one of the drama serials. Here’s the image of the car with the number plate which reads BAP-629.



As per rumors, the car involved in the PSX incident was shown in one of the scenes from a recent Pakistani drama with the episode having aired just a day before the attack

Here’s the scene of the car from the set of that drama serial, that have been shared by various mainstream TV news channels. The blue car in the right of the actress is the one alleged to be the same as the PSX incident.

Source: HAR PAL GEO/YouTube


People on social media have responded to the rumors of the PSX incident car by stating that the cars which are being used in Pakistani drama serials are often taken on rent so there is a strong possibility that it could be the same car

They went on to say that this might have nothing to do with the actual incident.

Source: @whatsappmem /Facebook


Source: @whatsappmem /Facebook


Source: @whatsappmem /Facebook


Others argued that the scene from the drama was shot in the parking area of the Pakistan Stock Exchange and all of this was filmed a few months before the actual incident so the car could very well have been that of a PSX employee

They stated that this is just a coincidence.

Source: @whatsappmem /Facebook

Do you think this is a mere coincidence or is there something more sinister behind the car showing up in a Geo TV drama and in the PSX incident as well? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via: PAL GEO via YouTube

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