TikTok Star Adil Raajput Allegedly Died According To His Wife But People Are Questioning The Suspicious Circumstances

By Maryam Khalid | 15 Sep, 2020

The alleged passing of TikTok star Adil Raajput was confirmed by his wife

In extremely saddening news, TikTok star Adil Raajput has allegedly passed on this morning. He was a well-known TikTok star with almost 2.6 million followers. People are heartbroken over this news but many are questioning the suspicious circumstances of his passing.


TikTok star Adil Raajput was announced to have allegedly passed on by wife earlier today

Adil’s wife, Farah Adil shared a video on Adil’s TikTok breaking the heart-wrenching news and crying uncontrollably.


♬ original sound – adil_raajput


People are absolutely shocked hearing about the alleged passing of TikTok star Adil Raajput

Source: @adil_raajput/ TikTok
Source: @adil_raajput/ TikTok
Source: @adil_raajput/ TikTok


They are remembering Adil in good words and sending him prayers

Source: @adil_raajput/ TikTok
Source: @adil_raajput/ TikTok


But some people are also questioning whether TikTok star Adil Raajput actually even passed on or if it’s all just a sick prank

This is happening due to the fact that many TikTokers have the habit to pull elaborate pranks and do silly stuff to seek attention and engagement. So quite a few fans have lost trust in such videos by their favorite TikTokers.

Source: @farahadil123/ Instagram


On the other hand people are wondering, if Adil actually passed on, was it an accident or something else because of his recent phadda

Source: @adil_raajput/ TikTok


People are thinking that it might not be an accident because TikTok star Adil Raajput was involved in a phadda with a fellow TikToker

Adil had been involved in controversy with a fellow TikTok star where Adil had alleged that he was getting threats to his safety.


Friends ab Dhamkiyaa Start Ho Gai hai ….😂😂😂😂😂 #aadicouple #cutecouple #husbandwife #sportslover #yfortheyoung #foryou

♬ original sound – adil_raajput


This allegation was put forward by Adil after he had called out fellow TikTok star Nadeem Mubarak, famously known as, Nadeem Nani Wala over the Marwah rape incident


Jahalat ki Inteha Ho Gai hai Ab …… #aadicouple #cutecouple #husbandwife #sportslover #yfortheyoung #foryou

♬ original sound – adil_raajput

Nadeem Nani Wala had posted a video about how the Government is silent on the face of such a tragedy. He announced his own ”TikTok Kabeena” that would take action and bring justice. Nadeem had earlier appointed some fellow TikTokers as Prime Minister, Army Chief etc. for fun. Adil Raajput apparently got furious at Nadeem for making jokes about such serious incidents and then alleged that Nadeem was making threats to him.


Karachi main honey walay zulim k khualf awaz uthao jaey #nadeemmubarakofficial @chachapakistani @kashifkhan5053 @shamsherbhatti123

♬ original sound – nadeemmubarakofficial

Since both TikTokers had a phadda and Adil was even posting about receiving threats, a lot of people are confused about the cause of his sudden and suspicious alleged death as announced by his wife. It is to be noted that no public allegations against anyone have been made directly by any member of Adil’s family yet.

If this news is indeed true, it is shocking and saddening because Adil Raajput was a beloved TikTok personality and we wish peace for those in grief.


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Cover image: @farahadil123 via Instagram / @adil_raajput via TikTok

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