This Groom Was Caught Playing PUBG At His Shaadi And I Guess He Won't Be Getting His Chicken Dinner

By Fatima A | 3 May, 2019

I don’t know about you but lately, all I’ve seen is PUBG  making all the headline. After first being credited for being the reason a newly engaged couple first met to then being the cause of a couple’s divorce (don’t worry, different couple jbtw), there’s no arguing around the fact that PUBG has taken the world by a storm.


I get it, PUBG as a video game is wildly addicting

You’re on a deserted island with multiple people and you have to stealthily collect resources while fighting to the death with your opponents to survive. Needless to say, the game gets pretty intense and you’re consumed with this urge to not look away for even a second.

source: PUBG Corporation


However, this groom just took things to an extreme when he was actually caught playing the game on his wedding day

source: @hasni_but/TikTok

In a viral video making rounds online, the groom is shown being completely engrossed on his phone screen to play PUBG and being completely unaware of his surroundings.  Loud wedding music blares from the speakers but the groom remains blissfully ignorant due to his earphones being securely placed.


Nothing can keep this young man away from his PUBG as witnessed by the fact he even brushes away a present being handed to him since it blocks his view of the phone screen

While all this madness ensues, the poor bride just looks on in disbelief, completely helpless about the fact that she needs not to compete with a person but rather a game for her husband’s attention.

Mention puBG Lover 😁😁

Gepostet von 8K wallpapers am Donnerstag, 25. April 2019

The video which is going viral online was originally filmed on popular social media app, TikTok which just recently got unbanned in India. The app allows users to film short videos and feature them online for others to enjoy which begs the question, could this hilarious moment be…scripted? If the video is real though, it raises concern over the growing epidemic that is video gaming addiction and a need to curb this growing pathological condition.

Let us know in the comments below whether you think the video is real or staged and whether you think video game addiction is a real concern.


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Cover image via: @hasni_but/TikTok

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