This Woman Is Getting A Divorce From Her Husband Because He Won't Let Her Play PUBG

By Fatima A | 1 May, 2019

This PUBG divorce story is craaazy

Video games are super fun to play and so damn addictive. But as we all know (because of our ammi’s constant taunting) saara din video games khelna isn’t healthy. Excessive video gaming has been linked to obesity, violence, fatigue, deterioration of mental health and impairment in multiple areas of life. However, I bet you’ve never heard of anyone divorcing over video games, before have you?


Turns out, in 2019 anything is possible and a couple is actually getting a divorce because of too much PUBG.


Yes, that’s right. A video game is causing an actual married couple to part ways.


For those of you who don’t know what PUBG is, it’s basically is a multiplayer battle royale game where players are dropped on a remote island and fight to be the last ones standing. Pretty intense stuff, right?

Well, turns out this Saudi woman in UAE found the game so intense that her husband actually felt like it was disrupting with her daily functioning and causing her to shirk from her responsibilities towards her home and family. In an attempt to curb his wife’s addiction, the husband banned his wife from playing the game. Her retaliation? She filed for divorce from her husband on grounds of “suppression of freedom”.

Source: PUBG Corporation

According to Ajman Police’s Social Centre Director, Captain Wafa Khalil Al Hosani, this is one of the most bizarre cases related to a conflict between a married couple he has witnessed. However, he believes that the 20-something Arab woman who came to the centre after her dispute over the game with her husband turned violent, stands a point since she was “well within limits”.


According to the woman, she derives comfort and pleasure from the game and her husband banning her from playing it is depriving her of her right to choose her means of entertainment

She further justified her actions by saying she would only play the game with friends and even had the chat option of the game turned off so she wouldn’t be exposed to strangers and thus can’t be accused of creating a reason of doubt in her husband’s mind.


Apparently, the woman’s filing for divorce has shocked her husband who claims his ban rose from a place of concern for his family and was not an attempt to suppress his wife’s freedom. Captain Hosani told the media that they had tried their best to ensure the couple resolved their differences and that the situation doesn’t escalate to divorce.

Personally, I feel like being addicted to video games to the point where you lose all touch with reality is an alarming situation and the person should receive help should the situation progress to such an extent. However, resorting to violence when your spouse refuses to listen to your demands, borders on abusive behavior and is deeply concerning. In these matters of addiction and love, whose to say who’s right and who’s wrong? Let me know in the comments below what you make of this entire situation.


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