This Gaming Couple Met On PUBG And Are Now Officially Engaged

By Owais Bin Asad | 28 Apr, 2019

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is all the new rage nowadays. The online multiplayer’s audience increased dramatically once it opened its doors to Android and iOS users. Right now, if your kid is glued to his/her phone all day, chances are that they’re playing PUBG. This addiction has taken the world by storm and everyone loves it!

For those who may not know, PUBG is basically an online shooter game where multiple people spawn on the same map and fight each other battle royale style. The one to survive all the killing wins. This game started off on PC but then moved to Xbox, then Android and iOS, and finally to PS4. With over 50 million copies sold just for PC, no wonder its the best-selling PC game ever!

Now that you’ve got a basic idea of what PUBG is, let’s get on with the story.

So, recently this dude from Egypt, Nourhan Al Hashish, was playing PUBG when he came across a fellow player that would turn out to be his future fiance. Turns out, they found each other pretty interesting. On the 7th of February of this year, they both actually got engaged. He tweeted this adorable picture three days later with the caption “Started from PUBG, now we’re here”.

Isn’t it adorable?

Source: Dharma Productions

With over 13k likes and 2.6k retweets, his tweet definitely went viral. People responded with congratulations and jokes regarding the odd way they found each other. Even though most of the responses are in a language that I do not understand, I could still make out a lot of “Mubaraks” from the text.

This isn’t all of it. A local news channel featured the story and…you need to see this.

Bs yahi baki tha😏😑

Gepostet von Deep Lines am Samstag, 27. April 2019

“Khel khel main mel ho gaya”

Source: Deedle Dee Productions

Chicken dinner karnay aye lekin baat dawat-e-walima tak jaa ponchi

Via Giphy

I can’t help it, it’s hilarious. Anyway, the couple looks happy and absolutely perfect together.

Source: Twitter / @Nourhanlhashish

Would I mind finding someone online this way? Absolutely not.

I guess all of us now have more incentive to play online games like PUBG. What do you guys think of their story? Let me know about any of your fun online experiences in the comments!



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