Kambals Are Being Sold As Luxury Jackets For $500 And, Um, WTF?

By Fatima A | 28 Apr, 2019

If you’re a desi kid, you know how important our kambals are for us. They’re a winter essential and there’s no surviving the extreme cold without them.

source: popalz.com.pk

I mean, we’ve ALL seen at least one of these in our house, right?

source: popalz.com.pk

Tbh, when it’s winter, there’s nothing anyone of us would want more than to never get out of our blankets. If I could, I would wear it around. Except that would look all sorts of ridiculous and also my amma would kill me for making her precious kambal dirty.

However, this brand seems to be all sorts of inspired by our desi kambals, and they’re actually selling them as jackets?!

The over the top floral print that you’ve low key always made fun of is FASHION now

And it’s selling for almost $500?!

Can…Can I sell my kambal for $500?

source: equihua.us

I’m conflicted whether I should rejoice over the fact that wearing a kambal in public is socially acceptable or cry about how utterly expensive it is to wear a freaking KAMBAL in public?

The label actually sells a number of different “kambal” inspired fashion wear. Except they refer to them as “front puffer” or “blanket hoodie ” etc. Their most expensive item is this “Blanket Hoodie Coat” for a whopping $695?!

via: equihua.us

I swear my ammi’s kambal has an identical print

source: equihua.us

This was initially discovered by a Twitter user who shared this shocker with everyone.

The tweet started a conversation around how our becharey kambals have no value here, but are being sold for a small fortune, cloaked as jackets. What’s next? Ghar main parhi gandi dari ka bhi jacket bana dou. 

But seriously, people are concerned.

Others are appalled by the price.

In 2019, we’re apparently recycling desi household items as high fashion. Anyway, there you have it. What do you think of this entire debacle? Is the kambal jacket an abomination or a must-have? Let us know in the comments below.



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