This Bag Is Worth 50,000 Rupees And It Literally Looks Like A Lota

By Biya Haq | 18 Apr, 2019

What. Why.

Fashion is funny funny thing.

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In some parts of the world, trends and styles can completely dominate. While in the other, they can mean something entirely different.

We as Pakistanis have seen this kind of thing first hand.

First with our ‘chandelier earrings,’

Source: ASOS

And then our ‘jute benches.’

Source: Target

That’s one charpayii for 42,000 Rupees btw.

Clearly, there’s some kind of missing element here that has gora’s going crazy about our trends in the wrong way. Instead of taking inspiration from our designers and styles, they seem to be picking up on other aspects of our culture, whether they know it or not.

This brings us to the latest in high fashion in the states today, the Lota Bag.

Source: Nordstrom

Yep. And okay, it’s not really called a ‘lota bag,’ per say. No no, the bag has been named the ‘Keaton leather bag’ by STAUD, a prominent brand in the United States. We found this baby on Nordstrom, for a whopping 50,000 Rupees.

The brand is known for its statement bags and looks that not only separate them for other bucket bags within the trend, but also has inspired major futuristic vibes.

A little weird but love it.

And though we here at MangoBaaz are all about the latest in fashion trends and styles, this lota bag is not our favorite look at the moment.

I am sorry, but all this bag is missing is a handle for accurate pouring purposes. It legit looks like a lota.


Source: Vasanti Health


And here:

Source: Amazon UK

For visual purposes. See? Just like the bag.

Source: Nordstrom

Even people on social media have been stating that the bag looks like a cauldron.

(Which somehow made them like it more.)

Others thought the bag looked like a few other things, lmao.

Source: @Whiskey_Lactone Via Twitter


But nah, to us – this is a fancy leather lota and honestly, it would be quite chic sitting next to our toilet. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: Nordstrom/Amazon UK

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