Goras Are Now Calling Our Beloved Charpayi A ‘Jute India Bench,' And Honestly, WTF

By Sajeer Shaikh | 30 May, 2017

As we all know, goras love appropriating desi culture. Mauka miltay hee appropriation shuru kardete hain. I mean, sure – there’s a lot our culture has to offer but do we really need those cultural elements appropriated? Nope. There have been countless instances immortalised within the framework of the world wide web that serve as evidence to this statement. Let’s revisit some of these instances.

Remember​ when they thought using kambal rakhne wala thailas as bags was a great idea?

Via net-a-porter

Or what about the time they decided to use ajrak for bikinis?

Via Urban Outfitters and Forever 21

We believed they’d gone too far when our beloved tikka became a chandelier hair clip


Boy, were we wrong.

Via Know Your Meme

Goras have now gone above and beyond and appropriated our very own charpayi

Goras calling this jute India bench
Source: Target

I mean, just look at this

Source: Target

Koi sharam hoti hai, koi haya hoti hai

Source: Target

Wanna know what they’re calling it? A Jute India Bench.

What is a Jute India Bench? How do you not know it’s called a charpayi? How do you take a literal description of an object and say, “Yes, what a great name.”

Via Reaction GIFs

But wait, there’s more. Zara iski description toh check karein

Via Target

Literally every desi when they read the “spa-like feel” bit. What kind of spas do goras even have?

Via Giphy

If that’s not enough, guess how much you need to pay to own this exotic Jute India Bench? Just $299.99

Source: Better Homes and Gardens


Great, lol. Here, I’ll just sell my organs to own one of these Jute India Benches. At least I’ll have the pleasure of owning a three hundred dollar charpayi.

Unfortunately, their charpayi game is weak af, too. There have already been complaints

Via Target


“It can only hold up to 100 lbs.” Our charpayis hold entire families when we have rishtedaar over.

Like, come on Jute India Bench. Step up your game if you want to compete. What a shame.

Via Gifrific

To any gora who may be reading this, and to goras in general, too – please stop. Bohot hogaya. Matlab, thori boundaries hoti hain. In gora terminology – y’all need to chill. Some things are better left desi. Thanks.

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