This “Faroot” Loving Uncle Has Gone Viral In Pakistan & The Jokes Are Next Level

By Sarmad Amer | 18 Apr, 2019

The faroot uncle and his lady love are viral

If you live on the internet you definitely know about the very interesting “stars” that pop up every now and then. Internet celebrities that pop for their 15 seconds of fame (yes, the pace of the internet doesn’t even allow people 15 minutes worth of fame0 are everything now. We’ve had our fair share of these celebrities. The likes of Uncle Majboor, Aunty Gormint and Ejaz sahab have forever etched their names in Pakistani pop culture.

If you’ve been wondering why everyone’s talking about “faroot”, you’re not alone

But my friends, this is exactly where I come in, your helpful buddy with the complete lowdown on who this uncle .


Of late, this uncle who apparently loves “faroot” has been going pretty viral

A video of the middle aged gentleman with a relatively much younger lady, laying on a bed has been circulating pretty much all over Pakistani internet. The lady is holding the camera, filming the two of them. The uncle, as we shall be ‘lovingly’ referring to this gentleman, asks the lady what fruit she wants him to bring for her and she responds with a kiss.

Via: @shahrukhsyed4 / Twitter

Now, that may be a cute exchange and all but the fact that they put it up on the internet makes it a cringefest albeit a very entertaining one.


The Pakistani internet has naturally unleashed its creativity with memes and jokes


People can’t stop trolling the uncle’s love for “faroot”


Even fake advertisements and billboards are being made for him


Some folks are getting serious inspiration from the relationship also


People are even dragging other women, like Hania Amir, in their trolling


And some rather problematic jokes are being cracked as well


I’m guessing the internet will not forget this young man’s love for “faroot” for quite a while

Honestly, it reminds one of the cringe-inducing phone sex video of one Uncle Majboor.


Here’s to “faroot” uncle and the horny uncles of Pakistan who give us a treasure trove of memes every year. Enjoy your ‘faroot’, folks!


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