I've Finally Started Wearing Lenses Again And I’ve Figured Out How To Deal With Them

By Sahar Basit | 28 Apr, 2019

If you were a chashmish teenager, like me, you have definitely thought about what it would be like to be able to see without your glasses. So when my mom decided to get me lenses for my cousin’s wedding, I was beyond excited. But one thing I didn’t expect was how damn uncomfortable the entire experience was going to be!

It took me a good THIRTY MINUTES to get them into my eyes and then throughout the evening I had a lost expression on my face.

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My mom had been wearing lenses for years and told me exactly how to put them on. But every time I tried to put them in, they’d pop right out! So after thirty painstaking minutes, I ended up with red, teary eyes, but hey, at least I got them in. The entire wedding I didn’t have a clue about what was going on because the lens just wouldn’t stay set on my pupil. That’s when I decided that lenses just weren’t for me and that maybe I’m just better off wearing glasses for eternity…

But then, I turned 21 and with another family wedding on the horizon, I decided to give lenses another go.

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This time I was determined to get it right. I got a pair that can be used thirty times (just in case I wimped out again) and honestly, it wasn’t so bad. I cleaned the lenses in the lens solution and within 2 minutes it was set on my right eye! The left eye was a whole different story; it felt like it did the very first time but I pushed through it. I was dheet and with a few tricks, I managed to keep them on and now I wear them pretty much every day!

If you’re a first-time lens-wearer, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Make sure you get your eyesight checked again before you buy your lenses.

The lenses they give you will be a little less in number than your actual eyesight. I didn’t get them checked before and so I had to replace my lenses after a day because my eyesight had changed since the last time I had gotten it checked.

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Buy your lenses from a reputable optic store and remember, they aren’t cheap!

Start off with the daily wear option for one month before you decide to invest in the three or six monthly packs. Lenses can be expensive, especially if your eyesight is different in each eye so it’s best to see if they suit you before spending a lot on the long-lasting ones.

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When putting the lens in your eye, make sure you clean it in the lens solution and that it’s not inside out.

Look up and place the lens in the white part of your eyeball and then look down so the lens sets on your pupil. If you’re like me and the lens just won’t set, use your finger to push the lens onto your pupil.

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If your eye stings a bit as soon as you put it in, blink fast a few times and it should clear up (if it doesn’t then take it out and try again).

It’s best not to wear lenses for more than 8-10 hours a day and never forget to take them off before you sleep.

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I hope these tips help and you have better luck with your lenses than I did the first time around! Do you already have lenses or are you planning on getting them? Let us know in the comments below along with any tips you may have!



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