So, India's Courts Just Unbanned TikTok And Looks Like Yeh Picture Abhi Baaqi Hai

By Fatima A | 25 Apr, 2019

So, almost a week ago, the popular lipsyncing and video creating app, TikTok was banned by the India.


Concerns over the pornographic content and the “degradation of Indian culture” were what led to the decision by India’s courts to remove TikTok


Obviously, this decision wasn’t taken along well by the popular Chinese social media app company which argued that it can not be held liable for the kind of material that third-party uploads on the platform.


The ban wasn’t appreciated by the majority of the public either with some even called the decision of the Supreme Court “undemocratic”.


Despite the ban being implemented, people couldn’t help but reminisce and longingly share their favorite videos online.


Where else will you find *unique* content like this?

Indian TikTok is just a whole other level of weird and funny.


But the court reversed its decision following an appeal by TikTok’s parent company Bytedance, which can now continue adding to the app’s cult following in India. As per reports , TikTok was losing almost $500,000 a day during the ban in India!

“We are glad about this decision and we believe it is also greatly welcomed by our thriving community in India, who use TikTok as a platform to showcase their creativity”. In a statement made by the company, the Chinese firm said it was grateful for the Indian High Court to reverse its decision on banning the popular app.

With India accounting for almost a quarter of the app’s user base, the ban of the app for even one week incurred heavy losses for the company.


However, the lifting of the ban comes with a caveat. The court stated that the decision for ban reversal is subjected to the condition that pornographic videos will not be uploaded on it. Should the condition not be adhered to, proceedings would be reissued, warned India’s courts.

Hopefully this means that the misuse of content will receive strict measures and TikTok will emerge as user friendly, especially for it’s much younger audience.

Personally, I’m here for the social media platform giving a place for people of all ages and classes the space to freely express their creative side. Unlike other popular social media apps, TikTok features a heavy segment of its users coming from rural and lower-middle class areas whose content focuses on relatability and comfort rather than ascribing to rigid social norms. This is exactly what makes the app democratic, unique and inclusive.



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