I Watched The First Episode Of Ayeza Khan's New Drama ‘Yaariyan' So That You Don't Ever Have To

By Arslan Athar | 25 Apr, 2019

Ayeza Khan’s new drama ‘Yaariyan’ isn’t really anything new. 


After ‘Koi Chand Rakh’, Ayeza Khan and Muneeb Khan are starring in a new TV drama together called ‘Yaariyan’. 

Before the show released, its content was questioned by people online.


People were struggling to find the unique point of this new drama.



The sarcasm was abundant on this post. 



In her interview with Dawn, Ayeza revealed that her character marries a man she has no feelings for, thus resulting in an unhappy marriage. She talks about how her character is not a negative character, however, is selfish, which is often seen as a negative characteristic. Ayeza says the drama is about how you can fall for many people but fall in love with one.

Considering all the discussions happening about the show and the interview Ayeza gave, I decided to give the show a try. 

And let me tell you, I regretted it.

The basic storyline is this- Zobia (Ayeza Khan) and Sadia (Momal Sheikh) are sisters and have very strict parents.

Zobia is the ‘wild’ child and Sadia is the ‘good girl’. Sadia is married to Ahmed (Junaid Khan), however, they’ve only had their nikkah done and the rukhsati is impending. Zobia is dating Umair (Muneeb Butt), who belongs to a rich family and sees like a bit of an ass, to be honest.

Source: Dramaybaaz Production


Sadia finds out about Umair and tells Zobia to stop seeing him. In a fit of rage, Zobia becomes obsessed with making the two meet and changing her sister’s mind. Zobia breaks Umair into her home when her parents are out. Sadia becomes very angry and drags Umair out of the house. As she is doing this, her parents are returning and guess what, her husband Ahmer and mother in law are coming in too to surprise her.

Source: Dramaybaaz Production


This is where the episode ends, but we’re all pretty sure what will happen next.


As I watched this episode I just kept wondering WHY. Why are dramas with such regressive themes still being produced? Why are such plotlines still acceptable? When are we going to get over this ‘strict household meets daughter in love’ dynamic?

Source: Dramaybaaz Production


We’ve seen this plotline many many times. 

There is nothing new being showcased and there’s not enough change happening in our drama content. Slowly, over the years I’ve gone from saying that ‘this is a problem’ to ‘this is freaking annoying’. There are so many themes and plotlines that can be created, but our writers and producers only choose stuff like THIS.

Moreover, I do not understand the entertainment value behind an extremely predictable story. What’s going to happen next episode- well Sadia’s husband is probably going to leave her without even listening to her because men in Pakistan can apparently do that, and now she’ll mope over it for some 5 episodes, and then all this will drive a wedge between the sisters too.

Source: Dramaybaaz Production


Other than a weak storyline, ‘Yaariyan’ depicts and propagates the image of women being weak, and men being powerful. 

The next episode is going to be all about Sadia proving herself to her parents and begging them to believe her- their faith in her is so fickle and weak. Same goes for her husband. Considering the BTS photos that came up from the show, Zobia is also going to married off soon so that the ‘honor’ of the family isn’t tainted.

Source: Dramaybaaz Production


We live in 2019, this really cannot be the theme of a new drama show, now can it? Why must we continuously show women and their lives being dictated by men? Why must we show women having to also prove their loyalty and love? Why must men always be these kharoos patriarchs? My mind was baffled as I watched this episode. The only real question I can leave this review on is, when will our drama writers learn?

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