Shahmeer Abbas Just Responded After Rahim Pardesi Exposed Sham Idrees' Claims About Froggy's “Mukka”

By Rameeza Ahmad | 8 May, 2019

Shahmeer Abbas responding to Rahim Pardesi for Sham Idrees


Pakistani YouTube is a battlefield. Every attack… oops, I mean video immediately has a counter-video in response to it. It won’t be wrong to say that the drama that is Pakistani YouTube community right now is more intense than the one on Game of Thrones.


After Rahim Pardesi uploaded a video with proof, claiming that Sham Idrees and Froggy were lying about the attack on her, Shahmeer Abbas has stepped in to defend them

Source: Pardesi Squad / YouTube

YouTubers who uploaded like a few times a month at best are now uploading in the span of a few hours. And all of them are demonetizing their videos themselves so as to show how genuine they are; all they want is for the truth to come out.


In his video, Shahmeer talked about how they might have mistaken the attacker but the attack had indeed happened.

Source: Queen Froggy / YouTube

And he points out to the real perpetrator in the clip Rahim had shared. Shahmeer goes on to say that he had indeed been looking for videos of the attack from other angles so Rahim’s clip helped him quite a bit.

He then addresses the fact that Rahim reprimanded Sham Idrees for putting the blame on an innocent youth for the attack by pointing out that the young man had self-admittedly grabber Shahmeer by the collar which had resulted in his shirt being torn from both shoulders.


In fact, Shahmeer was wearing the very shirt in the video to show the damage that had been done.


Source: Shahmeer Abbas / YouTube

After throwing some pretty offensive insults at the person who had grabbed his collar, Shahmeer says that he forgives him nonetheless.

But he still held that Froggy indeed had been attacked and pointed out in the aerial clip that previously they were mistaken with who had attacked Froggy but now it was clear in this video that it was a guy in a dark blue or black shirt and he had used the side of his hand to hit Froggy. He then shared some clips of security manhandling the attacker to add more weight to his claims.


He thanked Rahim for the video because it would now help them find the actual attacker and asked everyone who might have videos of the event to email them to him.

He then proceeded to identify someone else as the attacker after Sham had labelled a guy who Rahim Pardesi proved was not the attacker.

Source: Shahmeer Abbas / YouTube

And then he came for Rahim, calling him greedy for subscribers. He pointed out that Rahim was not posting all of these videos to his main channel but to this secondary channel and he knew this was so he could gain more subscribers on the channel as the last video alone had gotten his several thousand subscribers.

Apart from that, he included testimonials of people who had been there saying that Froggy indeed had been attacked. But then again both sides had people claiming to be eyewitnesses to the event and giving their sides of the story. Out of all this, only one thing is clear; that nothing is for sure! Both sides have their sides of the story and it’s confusing as heck as for who to believe.


Even in this day and age where everyone has a camera to record things, it is hard to believe what is doctored and what is genuine. Or what might be showing only a partial story.

As these people have said kuch bhi dikha saktay hain. You can watch Shahmeer’s video below:


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Cover Image Source: Shahmeer Abbas/Pardesi Squad via

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