YouTuber Rahim Pardesi AKA Nasreen Just Said That Froggy Is Lying About Receiving A “Mukka”

By Manahil | 7 May, 2019

So Froggy was assaulted in their latest meet and greet at Karachi’s Ocean Mall.


Yes, if you haven’t heard yet, Queen Froggy got punched in the face at a meet and greet in Karachi two days ago

A person who they claim was a Ducky Bhai fan punched froggy amidst the meet-up and basically, it went downhill from there. While we condone the actions of whoever committed that sort of act, some are questioning if it ever happened in the first place.

source: Queen Froggy Via YouTube


The infamous accident video is rumored to be set-up and a few think this was as well. At least Rahim Pardesi thinks so.

You guys have probably heard of Rahim Pardesi. The super talented 30 year old is not only known for being hilarious (cue Nasreen), but he’s also a singer. So while he’s not as vocal about drama as some other YouTubers (ahem ahem, Sham Idrees & Ducky Bhai), he did want to put his two cents in and spoke up about the recent incident which involved Queen Froggy.


Rahim doesn’t play around, and he clarifies that “if this attack actually happened, we do not condone violence against anyone.”

He posted a 3-minute long video discussing the whole incident. He goes on to say it’s “totally wrong”, and we couldn’t agree more. But he explains that meet and greets have many tons of fans, and sometimes the internet personalities “get shoved around because everyone’s excited”.

He adds that “there is no such evidence where someone got hit, slapped, punched, especially in a world where everyone is holding a mobile phone.” And actually… I haven’t seen a video like that at all myself. Rahim even went as far to say that, “logon ki messages arahy thy that ham udr thein or asay kuch b nahi hua”. Oof. Pretty damn suspicious if you ask me.

source: Pardesi Squad Via Youtube


“This guy lives off drama, he needs drama in his life for his content to go further,” Rahim states.

Remember how Sham Idrees threatened Ducky Bhai? Well, Rahim said Sham has done the same to others. And clarifies that the only reason he’s getting involved is because Ducky is his friend. “And if your friend is getting threatened and bullied, you would also take a stand”, he says.

source: Bollywood Reviews FIJI Via YouTube

And Rahim tells his viewers that, Ducky Bhai is not to blame, “First of all, Ducky wasn’t there. Secondly, ducky is not leading some sort of war.” He says it’s wrong to use misleading titles, as they “are the reason people jump to conclusions” but then also states that “misleading titles are normal for them.” Ouch.


Rahim goes on to mention that “this person” was “given numerous opportunities to resolve the situation and simply apologize.”

“Now apologize does not mean to make a 30-second apology at the end of a ten-minute video saying you’re apologetic and then taking it back straight away.” And he adds, that if he has hurt anyone, he is sincerely sorry, “dil se”.

He concludes the video with a request to everyone including Sham Idrees, “to put an actual end to this situation once and for all.” Rahim says to do that, they “don’t need to be friends” and they “don’t need to like each other’s content”. He expresses that, “this controversy is getting out of hand and this is a genuine request to spread love and peace.” We’re completely with you, Rahim.



If you haven’t already, you can watch the full video here:


Froggy Just Blamed Ducky Bhai And His Fans For The “Mukka” She Received Yesterday In Karachi


Sham Idrees And Shahmeer Abbas Have Also Apologized, But Drama Abhi Tak Khatam Nahi Hua


Cover Image: Pardesi Squad/ Queen Froggy Via YouTube

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