Sham Idrees Just Called Out Pakistani YouTubers For Creating A Conspiracy Against Him

By Biya Haq | 8 May, 2019

Sham Idrees not holding back against Ducky Bhai and friends anymore


Sham Ideees and Froggy have been involved in major YouTube drama over the past couple weeks. It seems like most of the Pakistani YouTubers are ganging up against them. After what seemed like literally an eternity of YouTube videos, Sham came out with the heaviest one of all.


Sham Idrees just called out 5 Pakistani YouTubers for what he believes is a conspiracy against him

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS Via YouTube

If you’ve been paying attention to Pakistan YouTuber politics, you may have noticed quite the hike in views on content revolving around Sham Idrees and Froggy. The Pakistani Canadian YouTubers are in Pakistan, whipping out a number of videos and meet and greets all across the country.

However, the trip has not been without issues of its own. Since his arrival, Sham has found himself in a bit of a YouTube feud with Pakistani YouTuber, Ducky Bhai. Sham was being shady about posting Ducky’s videos without consent and then Ducky came out with a statement that Sham threatened his family – it was a mess. However, unfortunately, violence came into play.


Froggy was allegedly punched in the face during a meet and greet in Karachi and that’s when things turned sour real fast

Source: Queen Froggy Via YouTube

During the meet and greet in Ocean Mall, Karachi, members of the crowd started chanting pro-Ducky slogans. One of these fans allegedly got aggressive and apparently struck Froggy, causing harm to her face as well as Sham getting extremely upset.

YouTubers began condemning the violence online stating that it was negative, unnecessary and alarming. Froggy came out with her own video but Sham had yet to comment on the ‘attack.’ However now it seems that we know why it was taking him so long.


In his newest video, Sham has called out a number of YouTubers for their actions towards Sham in the past and present.

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS Via YouTube

And let me tell ya, all 23 minutes and 38 seconds of this video is DETAILED.

Sham went IN on Rahim Pardesi, Mooroo, Shahveer Jafry, Zaid Ali and of course, Ducky Bhai. Now, given that it is Ramazan and you have probably had a long day fasting and all, we’re going to break it down for you.

Also, to make this easier, Sham actually did up this video in a very ‘welcome to your tape’ vibe and wrote out mini letters to all those who have wronged him and letting them know that they have been forgiven through this YouTube video. Lmao, let’s begin.


Here are all the people Sham has called out:

Rahim Pardesi

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS Via YouTube

Okay so yeah, Rahim kind of fucked up a little. Besides his history in mocking Sham here and there and subtly calling him out on a podcast after Sham rejected his collaboration pitch, Pardesi went one step too far in making fun of Froggy’s attack and mocking Sham’s reaction to it on social media as well.

Because of it, Rahim got a tape. Short and sweet.

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS Via YouTube



Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS Via YouTube

Ohh Mooroo, this one got a little personal. Sham was pretty bummed because he kept complimenting Mooroo on his fashion sense and Mooroo didn’t really give a fuck. Mooroo instead had a few choice words to say to the press about Sham and his content. Spoiler, not the nicest words. He was pissed that Sham had copied his video, word for word but then Sham called Mooroo out for bringing up his wife. So yeah, here’s your tape. Ramazan Mubarak.

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS Via YouTube


Shahveer Jafry

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS Via YouTube

Okay, Shahveer’s part of the video was honestly so annoying and so long and I honestly stopped caring and had to take a bathroom break. It was also one of the most high school type fights I have ever heard. TO SUM UP, Sham felt hurt by the fact that Shahveer was drifting away from his friendship and was getting closer to Ducky. He was also pissed at the fact that Shahveer had copied a decent number of his videos. Lol, read Mooroo’s part again to know why I’m laughing. Great.

Here’s your tape. Bye.

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS Via YouTube


Zaid Ali

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS Via YouTube

I AM SO SICK OF TALKING ABOUT THIS SHIT, but yes, you guessed it, Zaid Ali had a role to play here. According to Sham, we have all been manipulated by Zaid. He said that Sham had an ego in one of his videos and Shammy didn’t like that one bit. Also, he got super into details at this point and my head started to actually hurt INCLUDING THE RELEASE OF LAST YEAR’S IPHONE DATE? And THEN, Sham pretty much put down a lot of Zaid’s content by putting in clips like the one where Zaid’s wife is milking a cow.

Sham then called him disgusting and accused him of only using YouTube and the Sham and Ducky feud for monetization purposes and apart from this, also confronted the entire family threatening thing. Tape

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS Via YouTube


Finally, Ducky Bhai

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS Via YouTube

Okay now, this one was a little weird. Sham said there was a lot more that he wished he could have said but he didn’t want to. OooOoKay. But to Sum up Ducky’s slice of the pie, Sham stated that he and Ducky had an understanding and he thought they were good.

He then said that Zaid had controlled Ducky and things got ugly. And with that, Sham handed over his final tape. That we know of.

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS Via YouTube

No doubt the numbers on this video are going to be some for the books but what I don’t understand, is what the actual point of doing all of this was. First off, it was super unfortunate that Froggy was struck in the face during the meet and greet. It was awful and no one should have to go through this. To be honest, it doesn’t even matter that she is a woman, violence is not the answer in any situation especially one like this.

Second, this entire web of YouTube drama is absolutely ridiculous. All of these people are creators who all have creative rights to put out whatever content they want for their fans who come in MILLIONS to watch their favorite content creators. Commentary on each other’s work is fine, but when it turns into what it has now, it is so ironic that all this has happened after the fact that a couple of people wanted to get a couple of million laughs. All we can hope for is that this video was the one to push everything under the carpet and start with a clean slate.

In the end, Sham concluded by bringing in the message of Ramazan and agreed to forgive everyone for everything they had done to him while mind you, never apologizing for anything himself and also telling all his viewers to spam all these YouTubers accounts lol. The only real immediate silver lining we can spot is that Sham actually for ONCE followed through on creating content to match the title of the video. Well done Sham, well done.

Have you seen the newest video? Have you been keeping up with this feud? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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Cover photo source:Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS Via YouTube

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