Froggy Just Blamed Ducky Bhai And His Fans For The “Mukka” She Received Yesterday In Karachi

By Rameeza Ahmad | 6 May, 2019

No wonder how much you dislike Sham Idrees and Froggy, physical violence is not okay.


Sham Idrees has been facing the brunt of harsh critique from a major chunk of the Pakistani YouTube community for a while, now

While it started with the fateful accident that the husband and wife duo got in, it has now progressed into a full blown phadda, particularly with Ducky Bhai.

Source: Sham Idrees Vlogs / YouTube

The drama just got worse as videos from the entire YouTube community talking about how they have issues with Sham Idrees as well and taking Ducky Bhai’s side in the entire mess.


The pressure on Sham Idrees was building as everyone asked him to accept his mistakes and apologize

However, Sham wasn’t willing to accept that he had been the in the wrong but only wanted to label all of this as a ‘misunderstanding’. And that’s where both parties were in a deadlock.

Source: ZaidAliT Vlogs / YouTube

The pressure on Sham was building as Ducky Bhai fans inundated him with comments on his videos to the point that he had disabled comments for the last few videos he had put out. And even though Sham and Shahmeer had ended up apologizing, they were still not out of the blue.


But things reached their peak when Froggy was physically assaulted at a meet and greet in Karachi

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS/YouTube

Videos of the incident started floating around on social media. While a video of the actual assault isn’t there, a video of Sham running after the assaulter was making rounds.


And now Froggy has made a video narrating the incident and it’s clear who she’s blaming for the incident

According to Froggy, the hate narrative Ducky had preached on his channel about her husband Sham Idrees is the reason for this attack on her. And Froggy is holding Ducky responsible for this attack because she thinks he encouraged all this hate around her husband Sham Idrees and her.

In her video, Froggy is sitting in front of a camera and talking to the audience. She is sitting relatively bare faced so that the bruise on the right side of her face is visible to the audience. She talks about how hard the incident and its aftermath has been for her and her family.


She talked about how worried her family back in Canada was and since they couldn’t be with her they were even more worried.

Source: Queen Froggy / YouTube

She had a message for her father in the video, apologizing for letting him down for failing to be positive but the incident had left her with no choice.

Froggy asked everyone to help her in getting those who were spreading hate off of YouTube and she has now launched a campaign to help her get justice and also encourage respect for women and asked people to use the hashtags #JusticeForFroggy and #RespectWomen


But there were quite a lot of people who still didn’t seem to believe Froggy or side with her

There were quite a few comments against Froggy.

Source: Queen Froggy via

But whatever public sentiment about Sham Idrees and Froggy might be, physical violence against anyone is not okay. No matter how much you might dislike their content or take issue with their personalities, trying to hit them in public spaces is not at all acceptable.

What do you think about Froggy’s campaign which she has launched with this video? Let us know in the comment.


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Cover Image Source: Queen Froggy via

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