Zaid Ali, Ducky Bhai And Mooroo Released Apology Videos But Shahmeer Abbas Doesn't Seem Convinced

By Noor | 4 May, 2019

So, we all know about the ongoing war between Ducky Bhai and Sham Idrees, right? The entire situation has been addressed by almost all the Pakistani YouTubers who have boldly presented their opinions on the matter. Zaid Ali also expressed his views regarding the phadda and now there’s more to it. Let us fill in you with the details of it.

Zaid started off by stating that this entire phadda situation has negatively impacted the Pakistani YouTube community

While describing the situation, Zaid mentioned that bringing each other down is tarnishing the image of Pakistanis. He further mentioned this chaos needs to stop.

Source: ZaidAliT Vlogs/YouTube

Zaid video called Ducky Bhai, who went on to say that he’s tired of the ‘exposing drama’ and now he really wants to move on 

Ducky bhai mentioned that Sham is adamant to end all of this by labeling this entire phadda as a misunderstanding. He also said that even before the apology or anything, it’s very important that Sham owns up to all his previous mistakes. Zaid also claimed that though he wants to give Sham another chance for fixing his reputation, he’s still being misunderstood by Sham.

Source: ZaidAliT Vlogs/YouTube

Zaid also talked about how this situation is setting a precedent of using controversy/drama to generate a large number of views

He said that the ongoing phadda culture has impacted the YouTube community. The newcomers now think of YouTube as a mere fame/money generator.

Source: ZaidAliT Vlogs/YouTube

Ducky bhai, while commenting on the way his parents were threatened, said that this naturally has affected him A LOT. He said that despite having conflicts with many people still, he has never involved anyone’s family in all this.

Ducky bhai concluded the video by stating that mistakes have been done by both sides, therefore, he’s publicly apologizing.

Ducky bhai said that he’s going to use this opportunity to announce that he is not going to hold a grudge against anyone and making controversial videos has actually added fuel to the fire. He also said he doesn’t want to address this issue further BUT if in future he is falsely accused of something then he will definitely respond.

Source: ZaidAliT Vlogs/YouTube

Both of the YouTubers ended the video by stating that they want the people to stop discussing this issue and want them to move on

Zaid ended the video by saying that he has also made mistakes in his past and he used the opportunity to publicly apologize to anyone who has ever been harmed via his actions or words.

You can watch Zaid’s whole video here:

However. Shahmeer Abbas responded to the video by stating that this entire effort was to degrade Sham and to ruin his life

Source: Shahmeer Abbas/Instagram

Mooroo, just like his fellow YouTubers, addressed the situation, but in his own style 

He went ahead to explain everything with his song and explained how apologizing to others is difficult for many.

Source: Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo/YouTube

You can watch his video here:

Has the situation become messier or is this heading towards resolution? What’s your take on the issue? Let us know in the comments below.


So, Zaid Ali Just Commented About Sham And Ducky Bhai’s Latest Phadda And This Just Keeps Getting Better


YouTuber Mooroo Has Spilled Some More Tea On The Sham Idrees And Ducky Bhai Feud 👀

Cover image via Zaid Ali/YouTube

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